Kamiyado Spring Forward With Sold Out 1st One-Man Live in Sendai!

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Kamiyado Spring Forward With Sold Out 1st One-Man Live in Sendai!

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Kamiyado received an overwhelmingly warm welcome as their Kami ga Yadoru Basho〜Daremo Mita koto no nai Basho he Tobitatō!〜 Kamiyado Spring 2017 Tour brought them to Sendai HOOK on March 19, 2017! Despite it being their first time to have a solo concert there, it was sold out!

Chiming in with “Hajimari no Kane wo Narase”, Kamiyado got the performance started, following up in quick succession with “Hissatsu! Chō-KAMIYADO Senpū”, “KMYD”, “Odore! Kamiyado Carnival”, and “Harajuku Sentai! KAMIYADO Ranger”, heating up the venue right away.

With 5 performances outside of Tokyo, each of the 5 members were placed in charge of planning the set lists and it was revealed that leader and eldest member Miki Hashima was put in charge for the Sendai performance. She explained that she had given a lot of thought to the songs she selected as she did not want to lose to Naho Sekiguchi who had done the set list for the tour’s opening day in Sendai. At the same time, she voiced her wishes to show off the diversity of Kamiyado’s songs and the lively expressions of the members while performing.

The performance calmed down a little as Kamiyado ran through a mix of their slower and calmer songs “Ano ko ni Bareru yōna…”, “Nikushimi toiu Na no Okurimono wa Agenai”, and “Parachute☆Love”, punctuated by the aggressive “Genkai Toppa Philosophy”. Sprinting towards the finish line, Kamiyado closed out the performance with a blend of old and new favorites “Kamchatka Adventure”, “Bi・Bi・Bi♡”, “Zenkai! KAMIYADO World”, and “Action!”

Returning for the encore, Kamiyado whipped their towels in the air to “Summer Dream”, a song which Miki had chosen with the nearby Miyagi Stadium and its rich baseball history in mind, shouting, “With this performance let’s win!”, exciting the local audience with her enthusiasm. Mei Hashima commented, “Sendai is also very special to us” and Naho Sekiguchi added, “I hope to be able to tie this day to our next stop in Nagoya.”


Kamiyado continues their tour in Nagoya (April 2), Fukuoka (April 8), and Osaka (April 16), with the finale coming at Shinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo (April 30). Tickets for Fukuoka have already sold out, only a few remain for Nagoya and Osaka, and pre-sale tickets for Tokyo have also sold out. As Kamiyado proceeds with their first nationwide tour, it seems they continue to exceed the expectations of their fans all over Japan.

Photos by 真島洸(M.u.D)

Set List

01 Hajimari no Kane wo Narase
02 Hissatsu! Chō-KAMIYADO Senpū
04 Odore! Kamiyado Carnival
05 Harajuku Sentai! KAMIYADO Ranger
06 Ano ko ni Bareru yōna…
07 Genkai Toppa Philosophy
08 Nikushimi toiu Na no Okurimono wa Agenai
09 Parachute☆Love
10 Kamchatka Adventure
11 Bi・Bi・Bi♡
12 Zenkai! KAMIYADO World
13 Action!

E1 Summer Dream

Kami ga Yadoru Basho〜Daremo Mita koto no nai Basho he Tobitatō!〜 Kamiyado Spring 2017 Tour

April 2, 2017 (Sunday)
Open – 5:30pm Start – 6:00pm

April 8, 2017 (Saturday)
Fukuoka PEACE
Open – 5:30pm Start – 6:00pm

April 16, 2017 (Sunday)
Umeda Shangri-la
Open – 5:30pm Start – 6:00pm

April 30, 2017 (Sunday)
Shinagawa Stellar Ball
Open – 5:00pm Start – 6:00pm

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