Gravure Idol Jun Amaki’s Revealing Sailor Uniform Takes “Cool Biz” To A Sexy New Level

Gravure Idol Jun Amaki’s Revealing Sailor Uniform Takes “Cool Biz” To A Sexy New Level

“Cool Biz” is a Japanese summer campaign that allows a cooler, more liberal dress code in the office to economically fight against the summer heat. But oneJapanese gravure idol has given that concept an entirely new meaning, revealing a series of sexy shots of her wearing a sailor uniform swimsuit for all her love-struck fans to enjoy.

amaki-jun-cool-biz-01 amaki-jun-cool-biz-02

Clad in a string bikini top and only about a third of the actual sailor uniform, the 20-year-old Jun Amaki posed generously in front of the camera, writing on Twitter:

I wish this had been my school uniform!

The barely there sailor uniform was worn as part of a cosplay event for a late night TV show on which Amaki stars regularly, among a group of other idols wearing different costumes. But it was Amaki who ended up stealing the show, with her voluptuous breasts and sweet, angelic face.

Putting aside the obvious fact that this bikini would be highly inappropriate for any school, fans have been ever grateful for these service shots, and are no doubt waiting eagerly for what the spontaneous idol is hiding up her sleeve for similar events in the future.


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