25-Year Old Promises Kept! 80s and 90s Idols Who Fulfill the Dreams of Their Fans Through Mutual Trust!
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If your favorite idol were to perform in concert 25 years from now, what do you think it would be like? Do you think you’d be able to look at them with the same feelings that you have for them now?

The emotions that I received at Nakano San Plaza almost 25 years ago, came flooding back to my life the other day. It’s proof that being able to support idols with unchanging feelings is indeed possible.

On February 20th and 21st at Shinagawa Stellar Ball, “NANNO 30th ANNIVERSARY ~Minamino Yoko’s 30th Debut Anniversary Concert~” was held. For these 2 days, with
afternoon and evening shows, two performances were held on each day. All the seats were sold out! The venue was filled with fans who felt nostalgic for the old days when “Nanno” (Yoko Minamino) was performing as idol.


On February 20th and 21st, with 2 performances each at 2:00 pm and 6:30 pm, “NANNO 30th ANNIVERSARY ~Minamino Yoko’s 30th Debut Anniversary Concert~” was held. The 6:30pm performance on the 21st is an additional time slot. 2016年2月20日と21日、それぞれ14時と18時半開演の2公演ずつ開催された「NANNO 30th ANNIVERSARY~南野陽子デビュー30周年記念コンサート~」。21日の18時半の公演が追加公演だ ©️HIRO SATO

The 30th anniversary concert was actually a comeback for “Nanno” from her 24-year hiatus that began in 1992. Surely, there have been a lot of fans waiting for this. Even so, filling all the seats at Shinagawa Stellar Ball (800 seats) for all four shows is a big deal for idols. On top of that, she is solo idol. Even for many of the younger idols active today, organizing that many fans together is no easy task.

Her fans had such high expectations for this concert, the biggest reason of all was because it is no one else but Yoko Minamino’s concert. Her fans believe that if it’s Yoko Minamino, then she will definitely give a performance that her fans will surely love. Such a sentiment that endures for 25 years is truly amazing.

Living up to those promises, concerts that exceeded the fan’s expectations were held at Shinagawa Stellar Ball.


Decorating the entrance of Shinagawa Stellar Ball was a “NANNO 30th ANNIVERSARY ~Minamino Yoko’s 30th Debut Anniversary Concert~” poster. On the bottom right of it were messages written on postcards, and many fans were taking pictures of it. 品川ステラボール入り口に飾られた、「NANNNO 30th ANNIVERSARY~南野陽子デビュー30周年記念コンサート~」のポスター。右下のポストカードにはメッセージが添えられており、この前で記念撮影するファンの姿が多数見られた

…How she could keep the relationship of trust with the fans over 25 years?

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