HKT48 Begins “Dress-up 48” Halloween Campaign in Collaboration with Sweets Company!

HKT48 Begins “Dress-up 48” Halloween Campaign in Collaboration with Sweets Company!

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It is announced that HKT48 will start a project to upload videos of themselves in their costumes that shows them pleading for sweets in collaboration with Lotte, a Japanese sweets producing company! The video has been uploaded from September 1st, on the “Lotte X HKT48 ‘Dress-up 48’” campaign website.






Halloween was originally an event that celebrates the harvest of crops, and people often used to make pumpkin carvings and children went Trick or Treating around their house, however, Halloween has become a popular event in Japan as the day to dress-up through the past decades!

“Lotte X HKT48 ‘Dress-up48’” was first held last year where they took selfie videos of themselves with the Lotte sweets as an advertisement. This time, 46 members of HKT48 dressed up as a kindergarten student, nurse, witch, bunny girl, devil, and Lolita, took selfie videos of them asking for sweets. In this campaign, the audience will subscribe to the member who made them want to give the sweets. The member who became the most popular will appear on the posters in the city of Tokyo and Hakata.
In addition, 46 winners in drawing will receive the prize of a hand-written letter and a selfie photograph of a member.

Some comments by HKT48 members are here.
Rino Sashihara – I wanted to do something different from the other members. I also wanted to appeal that I am a common person.
Anna Murashige – I want to get first place!!
Meru Tashima – It was the first time for me to wear a wig. I felt embarrassed because everyone was watching me.




The campaign will take place during September, so if any of you are planning to visit Japan during this period, try participating in it!

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Campaign website :

Translated by Serina

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