Higashi Ikebukuro52 Answers Keyakizaka46 with Debut Song “Watashi Saison”

Higashi Ikebukuro52 Answers Keyakizaka46 with Debut Song “Watashi Saison”

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Just as Keyakizaka46 is getting all the hypes for their outstanding performances every where they go, one company has decided to jump onto their bandwagon and create a name for themselves. Credit Saison has selected 24 members from their office located in Ikebukuro Sunshine 60 on the 52nd floor (thus, the group name) and created this group which was suddenly announced on May 19th, 2017.

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As much as some people think that this is a joke by the company, their Twitter account says “We are in this for real!”.

They speak true to their words and released a sweet and pleasant song that is easy on the ears and brings back some reminiscence to idol songs. Lyrics for this song were written by copywriter, Takashi Nakahata, and music composed by Shinya Tada, who has composed songs for AKB48, Arashi and Momoiro Clover Z to name a few. Even the music video and dance choreography were created by producers who previously worked with major idol groups such as Team Syachihoko and Morning Musume.

watashi-saison-52-07 watashi-saison-52-05 watashi-saison-52-02

Watashi Saison will be released in three different versions, all of which can be exchanged for using points from the Saison Card starting June 1st.

watashi-saison-52-03 watashi-saison-52-06 watashi-saison-52-04

The CM will also be on air on the same day via various TV networks and the song is scheduled to air on AKB48’s All Night Nippon, Nogizaka46’s Mai Shinuchi All Night Nippon, and Keyakizaka46’s Kochira Yuurakuchou Hoshizora Housoukyoku.

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