This Week’s Hello!Project Station!!

This Week’s Hello!Project Station!!

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What happened to ºC-ute ace Suzuki Airi!? See the Bonus footage of ending part! Updated Morning Musume’s live, Berryz Kobo’s close up version MV, legend idol unit Buono! Song performed by Airi and more!!

Hey Boys! Hi Girls! How’s it going? Japan is getting colder every time typhoons passing.

This week’s MC is Berryz Kobo Sexy Vice Captain Natsuyaki Miyabi who has a cute braid!! Berryz Kobo who doesn’t have even two months left until the first solo live at Nippon Budokan, revealed new version MV of the upcoming double A-side single “Motto Zutto Issyo ni Itakatta/ Rock Erotic.”

Morning Musume shows off “Help me!!” and “Wagamama Kinomama Ai no Joke” at the time of the new album release event. ºC-ute’s ace Suzuki Airi sang the famous tune of Buono! “Renai Rider”

Berryz Kobo published a making footage of new song’s MV shooting!

The bonus footage of the week is must see!

Well, enjoy the show! Thank you

Hello! Project Station :

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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