Halloween in Tokyo is World Largest Cosplay Summit : Shibuya Packed with Awesome Cosplayers!

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Halloween in Tokyo is World Largest Cosplay Summit : Shibuya Packed with Awesome Cosplayers!

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Halloween is not the day just for girls. Boys wanna dress up too!
img-shibuya-halloween-girls-25 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-22 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-50

Here is the eccentric and funny cosplayers we encountered and laugh a lot.
img-shibuya-halloween-girls-61 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-60 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-51 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-37 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-21 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-14img-shibuya-halloween-girls-48
 A lot of Halloween related events were taken place on that day, and we luckily could go an event named “ZOMBIE OR DIE” taken place in Omotesando GROUND, near Shibuya. The concept of the event is performers are idol and audience are zombie, and 4 idol groups: drop, Babyraids, Moso Calibration, and Ayumikurikamaki performed there. We could see Babyraids’ performance, and saw a lot of people wearing zombie-like makeup were craze for their idol!

Shibuya was still packed with so many people even after it passed 12p.m., though all the last trains were gone already.

Watching this situation, we felt confident that this Japanese-style Halloween will definitely keep raising its level year after year. It is totally different from ordinal anime-related cosplay culture, as most of the people in the pictures are not get used to do cosplay usually besides Halloween. It means that cosplay culture is getting popularized by Halloween. So, I cannot stop feeling it very shame that Halloween comes just once a year!  People buy or make costumes just for one day, but they only have a chance to wear them once a year.  Hoping Japan to be real cosplay country, we wish chances for casual cosplayers doing cosplay will increase besides Halloween!

Written by Ayaya
Photo by Kenta Kuzuhara

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