Zazen Experience at Ryuunji : Clear Your Mind and Attain Enlightenment

Zazen Experience at Ryuunji : Clear Your Mind and Attain Enlightenment
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“Every day is busy and there is no time for my body and soul to take a break”, says Saki Shibata. If you work to death and become too tired, it will affect your appearance as well…! So, we visited Ryuunji (Ryuun Temple) in Setagaya accompanied by Hikari Shiina.

What we are going to do in a temple? The answer is, “Zazen”!

Most people imagine Zazen (Zen meditation) as a very traditional practice, but lately the number of young women and tourists who wish to experience it has been increasing. Get rid of all the unnecessary things, empty your mind, and face real yourself.


Hikari is ready to start. As she entered the temple slightly early and was chatting with the chief priest Hosokawa-san, Saki Shibata and Ai Matsumoto arrived. Now, it’s time for the three girls to try Zazen!


The most important point in Zazen is to adjust your posture, breath, and mind. When you adjust your posture, it will lead to good breath control, and good breath control will lead to a good mental condition. Closing your eyes completely will lead to have idle thoughts, so keeping them half shut is the best.


In anime or manga, you might see a priest hitting the shoulder of those who move during Zazen. That is not a punishment but is something called “Keisaku”, which is for resetting your mind so that you can concentrate on Zazen again.


Ryuunji takes the self-reporting system on Keisaku, so those who think that they lost concentration raise their hand to ask for it.

zazen-ryuunji-08 zazen-ryuunji-04

They tried Zazen for 10 minutes…but Hikari has her eyes completely closed and Ai does not have a good posture, while Saki has a straight posture and is in good form.

After the three were done with Zazen and asked how it was, they gave positive words such as, “I think I was able to remove the unnecessary things in myself” and “my mind is more refreshed”. Zazen is not for gaining something, but is for throwing away something to keep your mind and heart clean. The idea of Zazen is to start a new life regardless of the past achievements.


Shopping and eating in Japan is good of course, but why don’t you also try facing yourself through Zazen when you visit Japan?


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Address : 3-38-1 Nozawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Gakugei Daigaku
TEL : 03-3421-0238



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