Get a Feel of the Past at the Shopping District “Yanaka Ginza” and Satisfy Yourself with the Warmth of Both It’s Food and People!

Get a Feel of the Past at the Shopping District “Yanaka Ginza” and Satisfy Yourself with the Warmth of Both It’s Food and People!
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“Shotengai”, which are basically old Japanese shopping districts, are a distinct part of Japan’s history and culture. In recent years, there have been convenience stores, supermarkets and large-scale shopping facilities that have been popping up all over Japan, in order to create a care-free environment filled with convenience for shoppers. But as a result of this, most shops are part of a chain of shops that are available all over Japan, making many of us feel like it’s the same shopping experience no matter where we go. Unlike the big shopping malls and chain stores, the old shopping districts are filled with various local-based daily necessities available at reasonable prices. The locals living in and around this shopping district, live out their daily lives together as a community. As a result of the increase in large-scale shopping malls, the number of old shopping districts is declining, but there are still many of them left across Japan.

On this trip, our reporters Kumiko Funayama and Hikari Shiina visited one of the most lively old shopping districts in Tokyo, known as “Yanaka Ginza”. Yanakaginza has a Japanese side dish store, butcher, a fish dealer, and in total, has about 60 food-based stores alone. Swinging your arms as you walk around, stopping st any stores that pique your interest, eating a variety of delicious foods if you get hungry, Yanakaginza has it all when it comes to the ideal stroll!


Although Yananaginza has a very strong image of involving eating as you walk around, there is in fact a place for you to sit down and enjoy some nice green tea and Japanese sweets.



Basking in the warmth of the old shopping district, Kumiko and Hikari’s hearts and bellies were filled with satisfaction!


With huge smiles on their faces, they ran up the stairs!


Behind them, you can see a beautiful view of Yanakaginza. Overflowing with culture and giving all of its visitors a great snapshot of old Japan, old shopping districts or “shotengai”, are a place that we highly recommend you visit at least once!

Photo by kobadog
Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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Address : 3-8-11 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Sendagi



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