TERRA CAFE BAR : Only Dried, Frozen and Preserved Foods from All Over the World in One Place!

TERRA CAFE BAR : Only Dried, Frozen and Preserved Foods from All Over the World in One Place!
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TERRA CAFE BAR is a shop with the concept of “preserving” done by Terada warehouse. It is 5 minutes walk from Tennouzu Isle Station with an open terrace and a view of the canal nearby. They are open from 8:00~21:00 from Monday to Saturday, 8:00~18:00 on Sundays and Holidays.


What is most attractive about the TERRA CAFE BAR is that you can eat all kinds of preserved food. They have the traditional canned preserved food, to freeze dried soup, and even bread you can enjoy just by thawing it. Inside the store, they have 25 microwaves in order to prepare your meal! So there aren’t any worries about waiting in line to use the microwave.


What kind of image do you have about preserved food? I think many people have the image that in order to preserve the food for a longer period, they don’t taste so good. However if you try out the preserved food they prepare at TERRA CAFE BAR, this negative image should be blown away. There are many foods that are both tasty and preservable.


Ai Matsumoto, Hikari Shiina, and Culumi Nakada will introduce you there favorite preserved food at TERRA CAFE BAR!


Ai Matsumoto chose the frozen Muffin that is popular among woman. They have 2 flavors Cranberry Orange and Chocolate Macadamia. After heating in the microwave and baking in the oven for a couple minutes, it is served to you. It is so fluffy that it’s unbelievable it was frozen. Of course the flavors of Cranberry and Nuts are good. Ai like it so much she bought some to take home.


Hikari Shiina chose the frozen Arrabiata flavored frozen pasta sauce and frozen fettuccine. Out of all the frozen pasta sauces, Arrabiata is the most popular. The tomato sauce matches with the thick pasta. They were both good enough to be served at an Italian restaurant. The also have rare flavors like sea urchin cream in the store.


Culumi Nakada chose the boil-in-bag Matsaman Curry and frozen 7 grain rice. The curry had rich flavor as if it were cooked for many hours. They also have Butter Chicken Curry, Tahiti Curry, Green curry and so on. The rice had 7 types of grains mixed with plain rice and it matched well with the Curry. The Tom Yam Kung fried rice isn’t sold much in typical stores so you should definitely try it out.


The TERRA CAFE BAR sells even more preserved food than what we have introduced today. Please go and taste the great foods that knowledge has created.


Photos by kobadog

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Address : Higashi-Shinagawa 2-2-43, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Tennozu Isle
TEL : 03-6433-1126



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