A Unique Teppanyaki Restaurant “Teppan Baby” : Delicious to Eat and Having Fun!

A Unique Teppanyaki Restaurant “Teppan Baby” : Delicious to Eat and Having Fun!
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“Teppanyaki” is known as one of Japanese cuisines using an iron griddle to cook Okonomiyaki or seafood, but the restaurant “Teppan Baby” in Kabukicho, Shinjuku is becoming a unique as the strange Teppanyaki place.


When sitting in the seat, the Kewpie’s chopstick rest poked our eyes. It has a bit of a strange feeling…  Where this shop has changed is not this part.


Well, the restaurant is said as “not ordinary” but even with the taste of dishes, boasts it’s popularity. Shiina Hikari and Anna Yano first ordered Okonomiyaki “Negi Tsukimi Baby,” the most popular on the menu. People in the shop will burn, not in the ‘you bake yourself style at this shop ‘, so it is safe for foreigners who do not know how to bake.

teppan-baby-kawaii-asia-04 teppan-baby-kawaii-asia-05teppan-baby-kawaii-asia-06 teppan-baby-kawaii-asia-07

“Negi Tsukimi Baby” arrives! The two cannot not hide their surprise in the amount of green onions. And the beauty of the the mayonnaise line! It is a work of art. You must feel guilty to carve into it.

teppan-baby-kawaii-asia-08 teppan-baby-kawaii-asia-09

Although there is satisfaction, the heavy taste is addictive, and the two have eaten up “Negi Tsukimi Baby” instantly!


After that, they got a female friendly “low sugar okonomiyaki” which is gentle on diet and “apple-like salad eggplant” using Nara’s sweet eggplant. Both are delicious!


At this point there is anything strange about this shop. However! Suddenly clerks came and said “Please write any words and sentences as anything is OK,” so for the time being the two will fill in the paper.


Actually, this restaurant is a place where you can enjoy an improvised play while eating teppanyaki. Three shop clerks who are also actors collected the paper, and interwoven the words written by the two people to the dialogue, and they performed an improvised play. On this day, in a story of a Japanese girl who went to Spain for the first time alone will encounter a problem, somehow Yano Anna was be involved in a drama …! (laugh) The actor ‘s improvising was a masterpiece performance.

teppan-baby-kawaii-asia-13 teppan-baby-kawaii-asia-14teppan-baby-kawaii-asia-15

Please try and visit “Teppan Baby” which is delicious to eat and have fun laughing, Teppanyaki!


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Teppan Baby
Address : 1-17-4 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Pocket Building B1F
Nearest Station : Shinjuku
TEL : 03-3204-1333



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