Train Your Core Muscles! Shape up Your Body with Special Equipment at TAIKANZ!

Train Your Core Muscles! Shape up Your Body with Special Equipment at TAIKANZ!
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Want to shape up your body? Why not? Training core muscle is getting lots of attention recently in Japan, so Saki Shibata and Hikari Shiina challenged core muscle training at TAIKANZ, a sports gym that puts emphasis on core training.

taikanz-kawaii-asia-01 taikanz-kawaii-asia-02

At TAIKANZ, they aim to awaken the body’s natural ability and instruct by putting emphasis on core training.
The lesson menu includes “Corevity” and “Pillafect”, and these are held every day in rotation.


Corevity is an inner muscle training that uses the force of the earth and attempt on muscle strengthening and increasing metabolism. Pillafect is an exercise that includes aspects of pilates and yoga. It raises stability of the inner muscle and increases flexibility, which will support the body to move properly.

This time, the two girls will experience Corevity. TAIKANZ rents a pair of shoes and towel for free, so you will only need to bring your sportswear, and a drink to take the lesson(*Those who are not members will need to show their ID). They also lend sportswear and sell socks and drinks as well, so you can come empty-handed (you will need your wallet of course though)!


After the girls finished changing, the lesson began! You attach the heart rate meter to your body so you will be able to enjoy the exercise by checking the number on the monitor. Actually seeing the numbers might make you even more motivated!


In the beginning, the girls increase flexibility by stretching. The two look to be in pain just from the warm up…

taikanz-kawaii-asia-07 taikanz-kawaii-asia-08 taikanz-kawaii-asia-09

Next, they tried training by using an equipment called TRX®. Putting their weight backwards, they retain posture by holding TRX®. Just by doing this will strengthen your inner muscle.


After TRX® comes VIPR™. You use the pole like the photo. Saki has a nice posture! Good!


Lastly, they tried “circuit”, which exercises all stretch, TRX®, and VIPR™. It is absolutely a pain to do all of them at once, but you can feel the effectiveness from the burden on the body.

taikanz-kawaii-asia-14 taikanz-kawaii-asia-12 taikanz-kawaii-asia-13

While being out of breath, the girls were greatly satisfied with the training and showed happiness on their faces. Why don’t you try the new type of training at TAIKANZ too?


Photos by kobadog

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Address : Shinjuku 1-12-5, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (4,5,6F)
Nearest Station : Shinjuku
TEL : 03-3352-2811



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