Enjoy the Japanese Style Halal Yakiniku at Sumiyakiya!

Enjoy the Japanese Style Halal Yakiniku at Sumiyakiya!
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Recently, we hear the word “Halal” more often than before in Japan, but not a lot of them have actually tried it, nor know which ingredients are permissible.

Most of Japanese people might have even never heard of the word “Halal”. Here Hikari Shiina and Saki Shibata were one of them, and they visited Japan’s first Halal Yakiniku Restaurant “Sumiyakiya” to study more about Halal food!


The restaurant is just 5 minutes from Roppongi station, and there seems to be a lot of foreign customers since it is in the middle of the busy streets in Tokyo.

As we interviewed Mr. Roger, the owner of the restaurant, he mentioned that he opened “Sumiyakiya” because Muslims in Japan were having difficulties in their meals.


Yakiniku in Japan is popular among foreign tourists, but Muslims are unable to eat them unless the prohibited ingredients are excluded. Former prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, has also been to “Sumiyakiya”!

sumiyakiya-halal-07 sumiyakiya-halal-05

One of the main characteristics of “Sumiyakiya” is that they use fresh herb as the flavoring of meat. Herb is effective in maintaining the meat fresh and making it softer. Not only that, it lowers cholesterol levels, and improves the body’s immune system!

sumiyakiya-halal-12 sumiyakiya-halal-11

And! This! Halal Hida Beef! Hida beef is one of the highest quality Japanese black beef reared in the Hida district of Gifu prefecture, and only Sumiyakiya Halal processes it in the appropriate way. The two girls were absolutely impressed by the juicy meat with great volume.

sumiyakiya-halal-04 sumiyakiya-halal-06sumiyakiya-halal-09

By the way, those who are not Muslims are also welcome to eat Halal food. Give it a try in eating delicious yakiniku in “Sumiyakiya”!


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Address : Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 3-20-16
Nearest Station : Roppongi
TEL : 03-3403-5397



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