SENTO GIRL – Showa Yokujo × Yuko Sugamoto -vol.3

SENTO GIRL - 昭和浴場×菅本裕子(ゆうこす) - vol.3
SENTO GIRL – Showa Yokujo × Yuko Sugamoto -vol.3

SENTO GIRL is photo project aiming to show you the renaissance of Sento through the collaboration of these wonderful creators. For the 7th of the project, we featured Yuko Sugamoto, also known as former member of HKT48 Yukosu as model.


This time we visited the very unique Sento where the owner performs magic show regularly, Showa Yokujo in Nakano-ku. In the vol.1 Yukosu was wearing navy Yukata but now pink one! It goes well with the entrance curtain.


Sento are public bathhouses which have been a part of Japanese culture for centuries and it may be worlds away from a lot of the latest Japanese culture usually featured on Tokyo Girl’s Update, but with the cooperation of TOKYO SENTO, we have begun our journey into the unique and comforting world of Sento.

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These photos are the result of a collaboration between model Yuko Sugamoto, photographer and Miss iD 2016 semifinalist mitfo and hair make-up artist hitomi.


Cuteness, sexiness, and innocent…Yukosu has it all. Yukosu is too justice. Her face is flushed with hot steam from the bath and it makes her look more attractive. So lovely!


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Staffs credit
Model : Yuko Sugamoto Twitter
Photo :mitfo
Hair & make : hitomi

Sento Information
Opening hours : 15:30~25:30
*Regularly closed on Wednesdays

Collaborated project with


Showa Yokujo
Address : Chuo 5-21-12, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Higashi-Koenji
TEL : 03-3382-2414



Been working in girls’ fashion magazines for a long time and am now the chief editor of Tokyo Girls’ Update. I have more expertise in Japanese teen fashion than anyone else (probably)! I’m a huge fan of the Revolutionary Girl Utena and Bakemonogatari animes.

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