Experience The Japanese Elementary School Classroom and School Lunch at Koshitsu Izakaya Rokunen Yonkumi in Shibuya!

Experience The Japanese Elementary School Classroom and School Lunch at Koshitsu Izakaya Rokunen Yonkumi in Shibuya!
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Koshitsu izakaya Rokunen Yonkumi is a fantastic Izakaya which provides you with an exact replica of a Japanese elementary school and even a school lunch; something very familiar to anyone that has experienced going to elementary school in Japan.


Our reporters Hikari Shiina and Ai Matsumoto went to this nostalgic elementary school-themed place. Hikari Shiina appeared in a typical elementary school student costume. She wore a standard elementary school uniform, yellow hat and a randoseru (a firm backpack made of leather), and even entering playing a recorder.


In Rokunen Yonkumi, there are typical elementary school classrooms, a teacher’s’ office, nursing room, science room and the like. There are a variety of rooms waiting for you to explore. Every single room has been finely recreated. Customers can enjoy their food to the fullest in these rooms.


Walking along the corridor our reporters were headed to the principal office located at the far end of it. They got excited about the heavy sofa in the principal’s office. They were also curious about the menu book that looked like a class role.


They then moved to the classroom to grab a bite to eat. In the classroom, there is a blackboard, some calligraphy and other many nostalgic features that can be found in an elementary school.




Just as Hikari and Ai were reminiscing excitedly about their old school days, a P.E teacher wearing a red training suit came to serve them their food. All of the staff in this place role play as different teachers. There is a Japanese teacher, mathematics and science teachers and even a nurse. The fun part is that the staff won’t use formal Japanese with customers as each customer is considered a student during their visit.


Servers will bring you your dressing in the form of a syringe with your salad. These sort of fun, playful features make this place a very exciting one to be in.


A major school lunch favorite in Japan is the soy powder-flavoured “Agepan”. Agepan is a fried, fluffy bread that is long and skinny in size and sprinkled with soy powder, chocolate powder or sugar. Ai was very excited about being able to devour a freshly-baked Agepan, which has been a favorite of hers since she was a kid.


Soft noodles are a standard menu item in the kanto region that come in a bag and covered in tomato sauce, similar to that of spaghetti. Soft noodles are not soft despite having the word soft in its name. It has is own unique texture which is addictively good. Hikari Shiina was surprised about just how delicious it was and said “I think these noodles make it to the top 3 for me.”



After eating, it was time for a pop quiz! Unfortunately Hikari and Ai couldn’t get full marks. But if you do manage to, they will give you snacks as a reward.


People of all ages are sure to enjoy this replica Japanese elementary school-themed space. When you come to Shibuya you should definitely stop by at Koshitsu izakaya Rokunen Yonkumi, where you can experience what it’s like to go to a Japanese elementary school!


Photo by kobadog
Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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Koshitsuizakaya Rokunen Yonkumi
Address : Asoruti Shibuya 4&5F, Udagawa-cho 32-12, Shibuya, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Shibuya
TEL : 03-3496-6040



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