Enjoy the 360 Degrees Beautiful Night View of Tokyo from Tokyo Tower!

Enjoy the 360 Degrees Beautiful Night View of Tokyo from Tokyo Tower!
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Where do you think of, when you are asked for the most famous sightseeing spot in Tokyo? Most people would come up with Tokyo Tower because of its tallness and long history. It has a strong presence even when viewed from a distance, but the beautiful scenery that spread out from the top of the tower is absolutely amazing. For these reasons, Tokyo Tower is a famous tourist spot not only among the Japanese, but also among foreigners.


Today, Umino, from Tokyo Rad Girls will guide us through! It is her first time to go up the tower, and we chose to come here at night so that we can see the romantic view of Tokyo.


First, we must buy the ticket. We were able to decide between “Daitenboudai”(large observation platform), which allows us to go up until 150m, or “Tokubetsu Tenboudai”(special observation platform), which we can go up until 250 m. This time, we chose the “Daitenboudai”.

The tower is usually lit up in orange during evening to 12 A.M., but the lighting changes on special occasions such as Christmas.

Now, lets ride on the elevator and go up the tower! Umino said that her ears hurt from the elevator air pressure. But soon they arrived to 150m!


Umino was amazed by the beautiful view that overlooks Tokyo 360 degrees! You can see the different sides of Tokyo depending on the place you view, and you will never get tired of the sight.

tokyo-tower-night-out-14 tokyo-tower-night-out-13tokyo-tower-night-out-10 tokyo-tower-night-out-11 tokyo-tower-night-out-12 tokyo-tower-night-out-07

But here is one place I want you to take a look at! The light of the cars and lamp look like the shape of Tokyo Tower! Another Tokyo Tower is here! How romantic is this?

And one more place I recommend is here. This part of the ground is made out of glass! Umino, who said she was all right of heights also seemed frightened. Maybe it’s too scary for those who have a fear of heights!

tokyo-tower-night-out-22 tokyo-tower-night-out-21 tokyo-tower-night-out-23 tokyo-tower-night-out-24

There are also cafes and souvenir shops in the Daitenboudai, so please visit after you enjoy the view. You can find various limited items in the motif of Tokyo Tower too!

Tokyo Tower is definitely a place you want to visit when you come to Japan. Just looking from the outside is also beautiful, but there will be a breathtaking sight awaiting for those who climb up to the top!


Photo by Yosuke Mochizuki
Model by Umino
Translated by Serina

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Tokyo Tower
Address : 4-2-8, Shiba-Kouen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Akabane-bashi
TEL : 03-3433-5111



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