Best Place for Tuna Lovers! Enjoy Delicious Maguro at Maguro Mart in Nakano

Best Place for Tuna Lovers! Enjoy Delicious Maguro at Maguro Mart in Nakano
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Culumi Nakada, Saki Shibata, and Hikari Shiina visited “Maguro Mart”, which is only a 8-minute walk from Nakano station.


As its name suggests, Maguro Mart is a restaurant specialized in maguro (tuna) cuisine. You can find drawings of maguro lined up in a market on the floor and an illustration of the body parts of maguro on the wall. Although there are often drawings of cows at yakiniku restaurants, it was the first time to see a maguro version.


Wearing the maguro caps which were prepared by the restaurant for the customers, the girls are ready to eat maguro!


The first dish they had was the signature dish of Maguro Mart, “Maguro Mart Mori”. This assorts 6 parts of maguro’s body, including the medium fatty tuna, lean tuna, crown of head, jaw, cheek, and back of the throat. Although they have eaten medium fatty tuna and lean tuna before, it is the first time for them to try the other 4 parts.


According to Hikari, the jaw and cheek are best roasting them on a heated stone and the crown of head and back of throat had melting mouth feeling.

maguro-mart-nakano-01 maguro-mart-nakano-07

The jaw and chin has a crunchy mouth feeling, and everyone who tries eating them become surprised by its unusualness.

The next dish brought was huge maguro fillet! These large sliced pieces are called “Maguro no Nakaochi”, and though the size is for 5 people, it is still humongous! How do you eat this? This question will surely come up into your mind, but the answer is to eat it with your spoon. Not only that it tastes good, it’s also fun eating it!

maguro-mart-nakano-09 maguro-mart-nakano-04 maguro-mart-nakano-10
When this restaurant purchases rare body parts, they serve it to the customers as “Ura-Menu”, which means ” menu not included in the official menu”.


This time’s “Ura-Menu” was the eyes of fish that is known for having rich DHA. Hikari, who loves fish eyes, opened here mouth widely and bit into the eye as big as here face.


Pacific bluefin tuna is valuable fish and every part of the body is delicious. Why don’t you try having these rare parts of maguro at “Maguro Mart”?

Photos by Kaede

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Maguro Mart
Address : Kyuei Daini Building 1F, Arai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Nakano
TEL : 03-5942-5594



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