The Pionner of Japanese Soup Curry “Magic Spice” : Experience “Ecstasy” and “Aum air” !

The Pionner of Japanese Soup Curry “Magic Spice” : Experience “Ecstasy” and “Aum air” !
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Sapporo is where Magic Spice, well-known soup curry store, first originated. Curry is known as India’s national food in Japan, but Magic Spice’s curry is based on Soto Ayam, Indonesian food. Soto Ayam is a chicken soup using various spices. While Indian curry and nan bread is eaten together, Soto ayam is eaten with rice. In order to suit Japanese’ palate, Magic Spice’s owner, Taizan Shimomura adjusted the taste and flavor of Soto ayam. The spiciness that doesn’t stick out and soup curry that stands out each ingredients became the topic among people in Sapporo that resulted in franchising stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.


This time, Hikari Shiina and Culumi Nakada visited Magic Spice Shimokitazawa branch. The red decorated building standing out among residential streets is Magic Spice Shimokitazawa, which is a six minute walk from Shimokitazwa station. Once you enter the store, Ganesha, Indian Elephant God, welcome you on the wall and many places inside the store. There is a space where it sells mysterious foreign goods, bought by the owner visiting all around the world.


magic-spice-shimokitazawa-03 magic-spice-shimokitazawa-02

The shop manager, Bata Carotenen introduced them the store this day. The spiciness of soup curry has seven levels, starting from Awakening, Meditation, Ecstasy, Nirvana, Paradise, Raputa, and Aum air, which is the maximum level. The two girls tried from less spicy one and they could stand for the spiciness until “Nirvana”, but after “Paradise” they started to show grim expressions and for “Aum air”, they could not stop shouting “It’s hot! Too hot!”.


After they tasted all the level, they finally ordered their curry. First of all, they choose the type of curry and spice level. They have various type of curry for example, chicken, pork, beef, Hamburg steak, vegetable and beans, vegetable and mushroom, keema beans, seafood, mog mog (Nepal dumpling), and “random” curry. You can add toppings such as “Magic Mushroom”(Tamogi-take) from Hokkaido, which is the most popular one, mini omelet, cheese, and rolled cabbage, so please try if you want and order your favorite taste! This time, they ordered the recommended one, standard chicken curry with “Nirvana” spicy level.


Finally their soup curry was served! The curry is in a large bowl, but amazingly it is less than 500 calories! A lot of vegetables like carrots, pumpkins, cabbage, and green pepper are in it beside chicken. You can eat without caring about calories even during you’re on diet!


Let’s eat! The soup is light and good flavor of chicken and spice is tasty! The spiciness to kick in at the moment you put the curry in your mouth, but it doesn’t remain longer. You’ll be definitely addicted to it! Flavor become more tasty as you level up the spiciness, so if you’re strong to the spicy food, please challenge “Aum Air” soup curry!


Photos by Miki

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Magic Spice Shimokitazawa
Address : Kitazawa1-40-15, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Shimokitazawa
TEL : 03-5454-8801



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