Taste the Richest Maccha Gelato in the World!? New Open of “Nanaya” in Asakusa

Taste the Richest Maccha Gelato in the World!? New Open of “Nanaya” in Asakusa
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Maccha, is a type of green tea where dried tencha leaves are powdered and processed. It has been enjoyed as a traditional drink in Japan from long ago, mainly in Japanese tea ceremony centers. Now, maccha is popular not only as a drink, but also as a flavor of sweets such as chocolate, cookie, and ice cream!maccha-gelato-kawaii-asia-01


This time, Kumiko Funayama, Ai Matsumoto, and Shiina Hikari visited “Maccha Gelato Shop Suzukien x Nanaya Collaboration Shop” in Asakusa that serves delicious Maccha gelato! “Nanaya” is a famous shop in Shizuoka, the original home of tea leaves, known as a sweets factory that sells Maccha flavored homemade sweets. The selling of Maccha gelato No.7 in Tokyo became true through the collaboration of Nanaya and the long established Japanese green tea specialty store “Suzukien”.


Inside Shokokumeichatonya Suzukien, you can find various kinds of tea from all over Japan. The green tea popular for being good for the health is highly recommended as a souvenir.

Suzukien shop that sells Maccha gelato is already quite famous that there is always a long line despite the fact that it opened in January 2016. Customers can decide the richness of Maccha gelato from seven stages. Similar to “Nanaya” in Shizuoka, the Maccha gelato that uses the tea leaves from Fujieda city all have a beautiful green color. The most strong flavored Maccha gelato No.7 has a vivid green color, and it tastes as if you are eating the Maccha itself! No one can ever find a rich Maccha gelato like this anywhere else! It is definitely the richest Maccha gelato in the world.


Other than that, there are various flavors such as Maccha parched to Houji-cha, Genmai-cha, black sesame, strawberry, milk, and chocolate, and customers can combine these flavors as well!

Kumiko Funayama chose Maccha flavor, Ai Mastumoto ordered Maccha and black sesame flavor, and Hikari Shiina combined Maccha and Houjicha flavor. The combination of Maccha flavor No.7 and black sesame is recommended since you can enjoy the contrasting taste of bitterness and sweetness.

maccha-gelato-kawaii-asia-06  maccha-gelato-kawaii-asia-08

Why don’t you try the new local specialty called “Maccha” in a place like Asakusa where you can find bits of good-old Japan?


Photo by kobadog
Translated by Serina

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Maccha Gelato Shop Suzukien x Nanaya Collaboration Shop
Address : 3-4-3 Taitouku, Asakusa, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Asakusa
TEL : 03-3871-0311



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