Horse Riding at CRÉER MIURA! Enjoy a Liberating Moment in Nature!

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Horse Riding at CRÉER MIURA! Enjoy a Liberating Moment in Nature!
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Have you ever tried horse riding before? Or do you imagine it to only be something for those in high society? In Japan in particular, horse riding isn’t really considered a major sport in the sporting world. Many people look in awe at the idea of horse riding, but most do not have the slightest clue as to where to go to experience it or what they should do to prepare for it, right?

As a matter of fact though, there is a place that can give you your horse riding experience that doesn’t require you to go out of your way to buy all that expensive gear. In this edition, our girls Kumiko Funayama, Ai Matsumoto and Hikari Shiina tried their hand at horse riding at “CRÉER MIURA” in Miura City, Kanagawa prefecture. Surrounded by nothing but blue skies and greenery, Miura is the ideal location for horse riding.


Beginners can rest easy as CRÉER MIURA’s instructors will kindly guide you through all the necessary steps to get you riding. When our girls visited, they were guided by none other than Mr. Hashimoto. First, Mr. Hashimoto gave the girls a demonstration of what they would need to do. The girls watched the demonstration intently as it would soon be their turn to try.


The first to rise up to the challenge was Kumiko Funayama. Just by looking at Kumiko’s smile you can imagine how great it must feel to be up there riding!



Next up was Hikari Shiina. She looked like she was having a blast! Just as Mr. Hashimoto taught her, Hikari made sure to pat the horse around its neck when she got down from her horse to show her appreciation.



And finally it was Ai Matsumoto’s turn. At first she felt too anxious to ride and said that she was too scared to try, but with everyone watching over her, she ended up giving it a shot. Despite all of the anxiousness that she felt, as soon as she started riding, a huge smile spread over her face.




All in all, our girls thoroughly enjoyed the joys that nature has to offer in Miura during their riding experience. To remember their time at Miura, the girls took a photo with Mr. Hashimoto and a gentle horse named “Nowake” (aged 22). Expressions of great satisfaction seem to be on everyone’s faces in this photo!


The big city of Tokyo is a great place to be in but sometimes it’s nice to get your body moving in places such as Miura, which are surrounded in nature and all its beauty, don’t you agree? We highly recommend that you try your hand at horse riding at CRÉER MIURA, just roughly one and a half hours away from Tokyo!

Photo by kobadog
Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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Address : 1242 Hassechimachikoenbo, Miura-shi, Kanagawa
Nearest Station : Misakiguchi
TEL : 046-888-4059



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