Take Off Into the World of GUNDAM at GUNDAMFRONT TOKYO in Odaiba!

Take Off Into the World of GUNDAM at GUNDAMFRONT TOKYO in Odaiba!
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“KIDO SENSHI GUNDAM” (“MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM”) is widely known among many countries around the world. The anime and its plastic models called “GUNPLA” may be very famous, but did you know that there is a place in Odaiba that allows you to experience the world of GUNDAM? That place is known as “GUNDAM FRONT TOKYO”! On this trip report, our girls Anna Yano and Hikari Shiina visited “GUNDAM FRONT TOKYO” to experience the GUNDAM World first-hand.

GUNDAM FRONT TOKYO is located on the 7th floor of the “DiverCity Tokyo Plaza” shopping center. At the Festival Plaza of the shopping center, there stands a full-sized GUNDAM standing statue (RG1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver GFT)!


With the 18 meter height GUNDAM towering before them, the girls were already filled with excitement despite not even having reached the entrance of GUNDAM FRONT TOKYO.


Geared with excitement, the girls were then off to GUNDAMFRONT TOKYO! The first place our girls hit up was the “Character Photo Spot” included admission-paid area. At this spot you can choose your favorite character and it will appear on the upper section of the screen, giving you a chance to take 2 photos with that character.


Our girls then went over to the bust of STRIKE FREEDOM GUNDAM Ver.GFT, where they took a photo in front of it to remember their visit. And of course, the GUNDAM you see here is just as big as the one in real life.



At “GUNPLA TOKYO” included admission-free area, there are more than 1000 models on display that were created anywhere between 1980 to the present day.



There isn’t just the GUNDAM display, but there is even a store where you can buy all of your GUNDAM goods. STRICT-G has men’s apparel and GUNDAM Official shop has approximately 500 varieties of “GUNPLA” that you can get your hands on.



On top of this, there is even a hands-on experience zone called “GUNPLA LABO”. Here you can paint your own GUNDAM and create your own original GUNPLA packaging. As you can see here, our girls are busily working away to take full advantage of this exciting opportunity!



Near the full-sized GUNDAM standing statue, there is even a GUNDAM Café (located on level 2 of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza), where you can enjoy their GUNDAM-inspired menu and take a moment to relax. The cafe’s “GUNPLA-yaki” and HARO art cafe latte, “HARO Latte” are their most famous and popular dishes.





HARO Latte

HARO Latte

If you happen to be in the Odaiba area, please stop by to check out all of these awesome spots!


Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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Address : DiverCIty Tokyo Plaza 7F, 1-1-10 Oume, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Daiba
TEL : 03-5579-6283



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