Looking Over Nagoya Castle during Hanami with DIANNA☆SWEET’s Nagoya Cochin Chick-Shaped Sweets!

Looking Over Nagoya Castle during Hanami with DIANNA☆SWEET’s Nagoya Cochin Chick-Shaped Sweets!
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This is a Nagoya City Guide by the members of Nagoya-based idol group DIANNA☆SWEET. This guide will be presented by Mana Wakaba, known as Maachan, as well as Yua from PREDIANNA, younger sister group DIANNA☆SWEET.

Left : Mana, Right : Yua

Left : Mana, Right : Yua

There are many people who have visited Tokyo and Osaka, but how many people have visited Nagoya? Nagoya is about 2 hours away from Tokyo by bullet train, and about 1 hour from Osaka, making it the center of the east and west coast of Japan. It’s the location of many famous historic samurai such as Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Ieyasu Tokugawa as well as the famous automobile company TOYOTA.

People consider the taste buds of the people of Nagoya to be a little crazy, so there are many b-kyu gourmet (cheap but delicious food) dishes there. There are many “kissaten,” or Japanese-style cafes, there. A famous kissaten, Morning, that provides a salad, scrambled eggs, toast, and nuts as a breakfast set free of charge just for ordering a cup of coffee.

This is just an example of Nagoya’s unique cafe culture. For the first activity, we tried out a famous cafe dessert that is often bought as souvenirs and enjoyed by the young girls in Nagoya.

After hopping off the bullet train at Nagoya Station, there is Cafe Gentiane to the right of the south entrance. This is where they sell the extremely popular chick-shaped sweets “Piyorin.” To make this hand-made dessert, they use Japan’s famous Nagoya Cochin chicken’s eggs in their pudding coated with Bavarian cream and spongecake. More than 500,000 of these chick-shaped puddings have sold so far, and there are currently Piyorin sable and Piyorin chocolates as well as Piyorin keychains and character merch.

These two ordered their own Piyorins. This is the Piyorin that can be enjoyed year round.


Aside from that, there are also Girls’ Day Piyorin, Tanabata Piyorin, and limited Piyorins available depending on the season.


According to the staff, the way someone eats Piyorin can tell a lot about their personality. They say women tend to eat Piyorin from the back because they feel bad about eating the face… as these two began to eat their Piyorin’s face. Seems like they have bold personalities.


After they finished their Piyorins, they ordered sakura Piyorins to go and Piyorin keychains.

nagoya-dianna-piyorin-04 nagoya-dianna-piyorin-05 After that they left for cherry-blossom viewing at the Nagoya Castle.

nagoya-dianna-piyorin-16 nagoya-dianna-piyorin-15 nagoya-dianna-piyorin-14

They arrived at Meijo Park, about 15 minutes away from Nagoya Station by car, where they can see Nagoya Castle. Hanami, or cherry-blossom viewing, is a leisurely activity that involves having a picnic and enjoying alcohol while looking at cherry blossoms and can only be enjoyed during the end of March and the beginning of April.

While viewing the cherry-blossoms with their new Piyorin keychains under the sakura trees, they enjoyed their sakura piyorins. While they enjoyed their sweets, they were literally enjoying dumplings over flowers (a Japanese proverb that means choosing practicality over aesthetics).

nagoya-dianna-piyorin-09 nagoya-dianna-piyorin-12 nagoya-dianna-piyorin-11 nagoya-dianna-piyorin-10 During the hanami season, there is a pop up shop called “yatai” that opens below the sakura trees. They bought syrup-coated apples and grapes to enjoy under the cherry blossoms.

nagoya-dianna-piyorin-06 nagoya-dianna-piyorin-07

After they finished their sweets, they continued to enjoy looking at the cherry blossoms. We hope you enjoy these adorable photos of the two under the sakura trees.

nagoya-dianna-piyorin-21 nagoya-dianna-piyorin-20 nagoya-dianna-piyorin-18

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Photo by Jonny
Translated by Misato

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Cafe Gentiane
Address : Nagoya central street, JR Nagoya Station, Meieki 1-1-4, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, AICHI
Nearest Station : JR Nagoya
TEL : 052-533-6001



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