People in Nagoya Love Cats? DIANNA☆SWEET Visited Popular Cat Cafe to Hang Out with Furry Little Felines Friends

People in Nagoya Love Cats? DIANNA☆SWEET Visited Popular Cat Cafe to Hang Out with Furry Little Felines Friends
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The members of Nagoya idol group, DIANNA☆SWEET introduced us to the Nagoya City Guide. Maachan, known as Wakaba Mana and Yua-chan from sister idol group PREDIANNA helped introduce us to this adorable cat café. In Japan we are often asked by others whether we are a cat person or a dog person. People say that your personality can be determined by your answer. Research shows that on average, 38% of Japanese people are into cats and that an average of 62% are into dogs but, in Nagoya city in Aichi prefecture, these statistics are dramatically different to the rest of Japan. In Nagoya, an average of 58% of people are cat lovers with just 41.1% being dog lovers.

One of Nagoya’s most famous historical figures, Nobunaga Oda also loved cats more than dogs and was even said to have owned two cats, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi has also been said to be a part of the cat loving faction. In the city borders of the cat-lovers capital of Nagoya alone, there are 5 different cat cafes that give cat lovers the opportunity to play with a variety of adorable cats over a nice cup of green tea or cake.

Today we visited a Neko Cafe in Nagoya with the two girls.


To get to Neko Cafe Naago Naago from Nagoya station, you take the subway to Gokiso station and can arrive at the cafe after a 5-minute walk. By car, it’s about a 20 minute drive from Nagoya station and you’re there. There’s usually about 12 resident cats that can be found at the cafe and visitors are more than welcome to play with the cats over tea or while reading any of the Japanese manga (comic books) available there.

This cat cafe’s head cat is known as Tawashi-chan. Tawashi-chan has gained fame mainly because of its huge similarity to a Japanese scrubbing brush. In Japan, looking like a scrubbing brush is apparently considered very cute. Tawashi-chan has gained huge fame all across Japan and it has even been used to create adorable photo albums and DVDs. Its video on YouTube already has over 4 million views, and in one quick look at the video you’ll soon see why.

Tawashi neko 1

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From the moment Maachan and Yua-chan stepped into the café, they were bursting with excitement! The girls began taking photos, petting the cats and using some of the toys to play with the resident cats. Most Japanese girls love cats, so taking your girlfriend out on a date to one of these cat cafes might not be a bad idea if you want to make your special someone smile.


dear-nagoya-neko-cafe-09 dear-nagoya-neko-cafe-08 dear-nagoya-neko-cafe-02dear-nagoya-neko-cafe-21 dear-nagoya-neko-cafe-14dear-nagoya-neko-cafe-27

After playing to your heart’s content with the cats at the café, you can take a break at the café corner. Everything from the café cups, spoons and lighting are all aligned with the cat theme.


And of course, the items on the menu also go with the cat theme! The most popular items on the menu today included the caramel-flavored latte art in the shape of a cat as well as the hot cocoa cat mug. This cafe is a must-visit for all cat lovers with its adorable cat themed menu. Along with this cup, all of the goods in this cafe are available for sale at the goods store.

dear-nagoya-neko-cafe-22 dear-nagoya-neko-cafe-24 dear-nagoya-neko-cafe-25dear-nagoya-neko-cafe-05dear-nagoya-neko-cafe-20 dear-nagoya-neko-cafe-19 dear-nagoya-neko-cafe-18

Maachan and Yua-chan left a message in the cafe’s guestbook. There’s a secret message from Patishie (name for DIANNA☆SWEET fans) in the notebook, so if you’re curious to find out what it it says, come on down to the cafe and check it out!


At the end of our visit, we took a photo with the cafe manager and one of the resident cats Serika-chan to remember our time spent at the cafe. In fact, all of the cats from Neko Cafe Naago Naago are all owned by the manager of this cafe.


Well, that’s it for this volume of Dear NAGOYA DIANNA☆SWEET! Until our next adventure!

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Photo by Jonny
Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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Neko Cafe Naago Naago
Address : Matsukaze-cho3-1-2, Syowa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Nearest Station : Gokiso
TEL : 052-842-2127



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