DIANNA☆SWEET Enjoy Cheap Shopping at “BASE”, Popular Shop among School Girls in Nagoya

DIANNA☆SWEET Enjoy Cheap Shopping at “BASE”, Popular Shop among School Girls in Nagoya
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In this series, the members of Nagoya’s idol group “DIANNA☆SWEET” will introduce you the fascinating aspects of Nagoya through Dear NAGOYA. This time, Mana Wakaba (Maachan) from DIANNA☆SWEET and Momose from PREDIANNA will show you around Osu Kannon.


Left : Mana, Right : Momose

The Osu shopping street is the largest shopping area that contains 9 streets and more than 1200 shops. Out of the various fashion shops, they visited BASE Banshoji, one of the shops popular among teenage girls.

dear-nagoya-300yen-shop-04 dear-nagoya-300yen-shop-02

As soon as you get off the station of Oosukannon, you will see the Osu Kannon temple residing in front of you. After a 5 minute walk from the temple and passing through the Kannon Street, you will find a lantern above you, that has the word 大須 (Oosu) written on it. BASE Banshoji will be right across the street.


The basement first floor and the first floor are the fashion floors, and the second floor is the cosmetics floor. Since the shop sells cheap products popular among teenagers, the store is filled with young girls.

So let’s start shopping from the basement fashion floor! There are tons of 50% off clothes, 300 yen dress and t-shirts, and 100 yen hats and accessories. “So Cheap and Cute!!” says Mana and Momose looking around the shop in joy. The store has so many low price products that allow you to coordinate your whole outfit with only 1000 yen.


The accessories are so cheap that the two girl’s shopping wont stop. It seems like the cat-lover Maachan found her favorite cat shaped pouch. They found accessories that look good in each other, and seemed as if they were real sisters!

dear-nagoya-300yen-shop-16 dear-nagoya-300yen-shop-26 dear-nagoya-300yen-shop-28

At last the two girls decided to buy the same hat.


Then, they walked to the cosmetics corner in the second floor. They were fascinated by the accessories that they saw for the first time, such as the hair accessories that you attach by using the hair iron. There were also face masks that had the design of characters also famous abroad. After all, they did not buy anything in this floor but it seems like they were satisfied by the cheap products that they got to choose for themselves.

dear-nagoya-300yen-shop-14 dear-nagoya-300yen-shop-10 dear-nagoya-300yen-shop-11 dear-nagoya-300yen-shop-12 dear-nagoya-300yen-shop-13
After they got out of the store, they took a commemorative picture in front of the large 2.2 meter tall Manekineko (beckoning cat), the symbol of the Oosu Street.

The next will be on the popular gourmet of Oosu Street, Miso Karaage (Miso Fried Chicken).

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Photo by Jonny
Translated by Serina

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Address : Osu 3-37-1, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
TEL : 052-251-3381



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