Delicious Craft Chocolate, “DANDELION CHOCOLATE” All The Way from San Francisco!

Delicious Craft Chocolate, “DANDELION CHOCOLATE” All The Way from San Francisco!
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DANDELION CHOCOLATE is a craft chocolate company from San Francisco, USA. This shop in Taito-ku Kuramae is their first shop outside of America. Chocoholics Culumi Nakada, Ai Matsumoto, and Hikari Shiina went to this latest spot!

On the first floor, there is a chocolate factory and stand, on the second floor is a café and workshop space. On the left hand side as you enter the store is where they keep all the Cacao beans. In the factory, they are also making the baked snacks that are sold in the store.


The most popular chocolate bars have 3 varieties. These are called Bean to Bars and created without any additives and only made from Cacao and Cane Sugar. They also have a variety in where the beans are from, and they sell chocolate using Venezuelan, Dominican, and Madagascan beans. They were all very thick, but the Madagascan ones were very fruity. The ones that are brought in directly from San Francisco often become sold out at an early time of day.

In our visit today, the three had BROWNY BITE FRIGHT,EUROPEAN HOT CHOCOLATE, and PAPUA NEW GUINEA SMORES at the café space.


The 3 brownies of BROWNY BITE FRIGHT are all made from different Cacao beans. The one on the left is Liberian, the middle is Dominican, and the right is Madagascan. Although we call all of them chocolate, there is a wide variety, and the flavor differs a lot depending on where the beans are from. The Liberian was caramel flavored, Madagascan was berry flavored, and Madagascan was dry cherry flavored.

EUROPEAN HOT CHOCOLATE, was more like drinking chocolate, in stead of a regular drink. The moment you take a sip, you’ll be surprised how rich the flavor is. It also goes with the butter cookie it comes with.

These smores have soft chocolate ganache inside a baked marshmallow dish. The matching of sweet marshmallow and slightly bitter cacao is perfect. You’ll eat it all up in a few seconds!


Other than the shop, they have factory tours and workshops so please check it out and go to the store!

Photos by Miki

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Address : Kuramae 4-14-6, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Kuramae
TEL : 03-5833-7270



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