Find All Japanese Fine Goods In One Place! Visited The Newly Opened TOKYO Flagship Store “BEAMS JAPAN”!

Find All Japanese Fine Goods In One Place! Visited The Newly Opened TOKYO Flagship Store “BEAMS JAPAN”!
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Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Japan’s famous apparel boutique BEAMS has newly opened a Tokyo flagship store BEAMS JAPAN in Shinjuku on April 28. BEAMS JAPAN aims to transmit the Japanese culture and fashion to the world, and the 5 floors each has a theme: first floor as “Maturi”祭 (Japanese products and coffee), “Koromo”衣 (Japanese Clothing), “Gan”眼 (Japanese taste), “Omomuki”趣 (Japanese Pop Culture), and “Takumi”匠 (Japanese Craft art).


Fashion conscious Kawaii Asia casts, Funayama Kumiko (Kumikky), Hikari Shiina (Pikarin), and Saki Shiba(Shibasaki), have visited BEAMS JAPAN!


The 3 girls walked around the first floor as they entered the building. The first thing that went into their eyes was the main corner that displays items selected from each 47 prefectures, such as the mikan juice from Ehime. The 1st floor comprises a variety of goods from traditional to pop, and customers of all age and hobby can enjoy!

beams-japan-kawaii-asia-12 beams-japan-kawaii-asia-10beams-japan-kawaii-asia-11

Pikarin was especially interested in the Gold “Straining Dog”! The “Straining Dog”series are recently becoming popular overseas, and the gold Shiba dog version is a limited item of BEAMS JAPAN. What a cute butt they have!

beams-japan-kawaii-asia-07 beams-japan-kawaii-asia-08 beams-japan-kawaii-asia-09

The gold Kewpie doll is also popular, and a vast number of them are lining up in the store.


Kumikky spotted the coffee pot “Tsuki Usagi Jirushi Slim pot”, made by a craftsman of Noda Horo. This blue version is limited only to BEAMS JAPAN.

beams-japan-kawaii-asia-06 beams-japan-kawaii-asia-03

After enjoying the 1st floor, the three walked up to the fourth floor that holds the theme of “pop culture”. With a focus on showcasing works of Japanese artists, vintage consumer electronics, and books, they also sell cute and pop Kendama, house plants with a sneaker as the flower pot, and dishes with a stylish design. You will be able to see other unique items such as vintage stereo record players and stuffed animals with a removable eye!

beams-japan-kawaii-asia-22 beams-japan-kawaii-asia-23 beams-japan-kawaii-asia-24beams-japan-kawaii-asia-21 beams-japan-kawaii-asia-15

When you have a chance visiting Shinjuku, take a look at BEAMS JAPAN where you can enjoy various aspects of Japan!


Photos by kobadog

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Address : Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-32-6 B1F~5F
Nearest Station : Shinjuku
TEL : 03-5368-7300



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