TGU Recommend Gourmet Festival That Has Unique Mouthfeel in Golden Week Holidays !!

TGU Recommend Gourmet Festival That Has Unique Mouthfeel in Golden Week Holidays !!

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In Japan, Consecutive holidays called “Golden Week” started !! Golden Week vacation is a collection of public holidays on the Japanese calendar. Golden Week date’s is from April 27th to May 6th in this year.
Therefore a big event take place in various parts of Japan.

Rightly at Japanese gourmet festival dishes is so good.
Moreover, we introduce points that you can be enjoy mouthfeel at gourmet festival.
Now, from Heisei change to next Imperial era name Reiwa, you may find a new texture !?

Ice Cream World Expo “ AIPAKU ”

Shall we fully cover with ice cream 10 day holiday?
100 kinds of ice cream from local area in Japan are sold.
“ Warm and Crispy gelato sandwich with wings ” has which outside is warm and crispy, inside is cool and syrupy.Each sandwich has extra crispy layer around it. And “ Kikyo Shingen soft-serve ice cream + ” is look like parfait which were combined a well-known confectionery and soft-serve ice cream.It is sumptuous ice cream that you can be enjoy smooth texture and chewy at the same time.


source: Aipaku official site

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Abbot Kinneyの「あったか とろ~り 羽根つきジェラートサンド」が1月11日(金)より新登場! 新宿の「MORETHAN BAKERY」に特注で作って頂いたブリオッシュに、お好みのジェラートを挟んで、アツアツのプレス機で焼き上げる羽根付きジェラートサンド。 ブリオッシュに含まれるバターの香ばしさが更に引立ち、外側は「あったか、サクサク」、内側は「ひんやり、とろ~り」の新感覚スイーツ! そしてこの投稿をご覧になった皆様に更なるグッドニュース!明日の発売日には、先着10名様に無料でジェラートサンドを提供します!是非、誰よりも早く新商品をお召し上がりください。 #abbotkinney #アボットキニー #アボキニ #幡ヶ谷 #新感覚スイーツ #ジェラートサンド #ブリオッシュサンド #新商品 #限定特典

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April 24th, 2019 ( Wednesday ) – May 6th, 2019 ( Monday ) ( 13 days )
At Mitsukoshi Ginza ( Tokyo )

Official Website:
Official Facebook page:

“ Meat Festival TOKYO 2019 ”

Standard of gourmet festival… This festival is specialized meat dishes entertainment from Japan to overseas.
On April 26th to May 6th of 11 days, its festival take place at Nagai park and Odaiba Tokyo at the same time.

Its has not only meat dishes, but also drink, sweets, and that you can enjoy DJ and movies is hybrid festival.
Many kinds of scrumptious meat dish, healthy and tender meat that popular with females makes you enjoying all day !!

April 26th, 2019 ( Friday ) – May 6th, 2019 ( Monday ) ( 11 days )
At Odaiba ( Tokyo ) / Nagai Park ( Osaka )

Official Website:
Official Instagram:

“ Gyoza Festival ”

Surprisingly, Gyoza festival hold in Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima at the first same time in this year.
You can enjoy by 5 points for the strongest share dishes enjoying with your friends.

1. Regular Gyoza which Everyone likes
2. Gyoza which made with special ingredients
3. The meat’s flavor explodes in your mouth
4. What is known as sparked the gyoza boom
5. Gyoza’s character explosion !!

May 2nd, 2019 ( Thursday ) – May 6th, 2019 ( Monday ) ( 5 days )
At Komazawa Olympic Park Central Square ( Tokyo )

Official Website:
Official Instagram:

“ Fresh grapefruit sour festival ”

The long-awaited event that people who likes Fresh grapefruit sour is finally here !! 5,000 or over fresh grapefruit are collected at Shibuya Niku Yokocho.
Shall we go drinking many kinds of fresh grapefruit sour with meat dishes ??
Let’s enjoy discovering new fresh grapefruit sour !

April 27th, 2019 ( Saturday ) – May 6th, 2019 ( Monday ) ( 10 days )
At Shibuya Niku Yokocho Hanare (3rd floor) ( Tokyo )

Official Website:
Official Instagram:

“ Odaiba fried chicken Festival / Odaiba strawberry Festival ”

“ Odaiba fried chicken Festival / Odaiba strawberry Festival ” take place at the same time only for three days.
Famous store that got higher-ranking winner at Flied Chicken Grand Prix R in Japan sell at there.
What should be noted is that enjoy eating fresh strawberries and Strawberry Curry above all in the style of cafe!!

April 27th, 2019 ( Saturday ) – April 29th, 2019 ( Monday ) ( 3 days )
“Odaiba fried chicken Festival” At Fuji Television Network plaza(1st floor) ( Tokyo )
“Odaiba strawberry Festival” At Fuji Television Network 7th floor Fuji san no Yoko ( Tokyo )

Official Website:

“ Local Pudding Festival in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 2019 ” 

Kinds of 100 or over local pudding collect there of all from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
At Pudding workshop booth, its unique pudding that you can’t eat without going, and rarelly one that singled out by Local gourmet Community is special sweets festival.

April 26th, 2019 ( Friday ) – May 6th ,2019 ( Monday ) ( 11 days )
At Odaiba DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 2nd foor ( Tokyo )

Official Website:

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