TGU Give Away: Make Your Own Food-Sample Soda with This Easy to Use Kit!

TGU Give Away: Make Your Own Food-Sample Soda with This Easy to Use Kit!

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The other day, we introduced experiencing making your own food samples with Kumiko Funayama and Hikari Shiina! ( Food samples have secretly been becoming a boom in Japan as the quality is becoming higher and higher and now even food sample Otakus exist!

This months give away is fake soda drink samples named “Sample’n” from Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya, one of the long-established Shokuhin sample shops.  It is a kit for you to make your own food sample at home! TGU’s writer Chikapen tried to make our own sample orange soda!!


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Here are the directions.

Things to use
-hot water
-cold water
-2 large bowls
-spoon(plastic one preferable)


1. Getting the juice pack ready

Put hot water(90℃~100℃) into the bowl.

Put the juice jelly into the hot water and wait for it to melt. Put your gloves on and check every now and then to make sure all of it has melted.


2.Pouring the juice

Put the melted jelly into the cold water until it starts to harden a bit (around 45℃~40℃). If it is too hot, the cup will deform.

Cut the end of the jelly bag and pour the jelly into the cup until there are 4cm left from the top of the cup.(leave some jelly left)

syokuhin-sample-giveaway-25 syokuhin-sample-giveaway-24 syokuhin-sample-giveaway-21

Use the clip to close the bag for a bit.

3.Making bubbles
Wait a bit for the jelly to start to harden.

Use the spoon and mix the jelly a lot so you can make bubbles inside.

syokuhin-sample-giveaway-20 syokuhin-sample-giveaway-18

If you mix the jelly too much, the jelly will start to become white. Also in cases when the jelly hardened before you were able to make the bubbles, put the cup into 50℃ water and make the jelly inside melt again. Be careful not to get any water inside the cup.

4.Put the ice cubes in
Put 2~4 ice cubes along the walls of the cup.


5.Getting the juice ready
Now you have to make bubbles in the jelly left over.


Put some air into the leftover bag, and close is with a clip again.


Massage and mix the jelly inside the bag while cooling it inside the cold water bowl.

6.Pouring the juice(2nd time)
Put the rest of the jelly inside along with the rest of the ice cubes.

syokuhin-sample-giveaway-14 syokuhin-sample-giveaway-13

7.Finishing up
Make sure you have enough space to put your ice cream and cherry on top and place them in.

syokuhin-sample-giveaway-12 syokuhin-sample-giveaway-11



It was very fun making this and it’s also easy enough for anybody to make! I hope you enjoy this Japanese quality food sample!


In this months give away we have 6 six types of sodas!  1 item will be given to 6 individuals. The type of soda you will get will be random!


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