Step Up Your Selfie Game! 10 Popular Poses Japanese Girls Will Whip Out!

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Step Up Your Selfie Game! 10 Popular Poses Japanese Girls Will Whip Out!

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Selfies to take on smartphones are now one of the must-dos for the young girls nowadays, and Japan is no exception. As popular Japanese pop icons or teen models post their selfies on social medias, Japanese young girls would look in to their selfies and pose the similar way. And this is not just to be like the icon she admires, but also to figure out the best posing to make themselves to look the best on Twitter or Instagram. So we have listed 10 selfie poses that Japanese young girls are likely to do on Twitter and Instagram!


1.  The Peace Sign

The classic, “peace sign” pose is very deep-rooted for the majority of the females in Japan. At some point of Japanese female life, you might have done it at least once or twice, at some sort of occasion. This all have started with the popularized purikura culture in Japan. Japanese female teenagers would take purikura after school, and the “peace sign” would be  most convenient pose would be to picture the moment. Later, the “peace sign” is passed down on selfie poses.


2.  Tooth-Ache Pose

The “tooth-ache” poses became common from fashion magazine covers, where the cover-girl posed with a hand on her cheek.



This posing started from the voices of the magazine readers, requesting to make the nail design more visible. From there, more magazines started to incorporate the “tooth-ache” posing and girls started to imitate that pose as well. Young girls tend to use this pose very often, because by wrapping your cheek around, it covers the roundness of the face.


3.  “Gao” pose; paw pose

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