Final Fantasy Illustrator Yoshitaka Amano Works Magic on Cinderella and Other Fairy Tale Characters!

Final Fantasy Illustrator Yoshitaka Amano Works Magic on Cinderella and Other Fairy Tale Characters!

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Yoshitaka Amano, most famous for his beautiful work on the Final Fantasy series and Vampire Hunter D, has had a prolific career. His instantly recognizable aesthetic often took inspiration from Art Noveau and delivered it with traditional Japanese brushwork. It’s iconic style that somehow makes the dark and dreary carry the charm of a fantasy world, and perhaps that’s why fans have recently started to fall in love all over again with one of his lesser known works: Marchen, Amano’s beautiful renditions of European and Japanese fairy tales.

In 2000, Amano released an art book titled Marchen (Fairy Tale), which includes his illustrations of classic folklore such as “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Snow White”, “Sleeping Beauty”, and even the Japanese “Princess Kaguya” (Kaguya-hime). While 16 years have passed since the release, it’s not exactly a book a lot of people have on hand. So all it took was a few posts by people who could share the artwork to get the Japanese Twitterverse excited, as if there was a chance to discover his artwork all over again. In particular, many are fans of his portrayal of Cinderella.

The Fairy Godmother transforming Cinderella



Heading home before her ride turns into a pumpkin



While this particular buzz centered around Japanese Twitter users following in love with Amano’s version of Cinderella, he also tackled other characters from classic fairy tales with his brilliant style.











final-fantasy-yoshitaka-amano-07 final-fantasy-yoshitaka-amano-05

So if you’re a fan of these classics, perhaps Amano’s gorgeous renditions will breathe new life into them and much like those Japanese Twitter users, you’ll be seeing them in a brand new (dark) light.

The book is available to order on Amazon.


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