Had a Bad Day? “every♥ing!” Will Brighten You Up with Their MV for “Shining Sky”

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Had a Bad Day?  “every♥ing!” Will Brighten You Up with Their MV for “Shining Sky”

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Had that bad day where things didn’t go your way, or just feeling gloomy? Well, let the smiles of JK seiyuu unit, every♥ing! brighten it up you with their MV for “Shining Sky“.

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Erii (left), Ibuki (right)

Using their cute smiles and the energetic expressions, Kido Ibuki (eve) and Yamazaki Erii (­ery) sings and dances out the opening theme song for anime, Ooya san wa Shishunki (大家さんは思春期!), which both of them are voice acting in it.


Ooya san wa Shishunki

Shining Sky is their second major debut single after Colorful Story, and will be their last song before they graduate from high school. Shining Sky will be released in three different versions, Limited Edition (includes DVD featuring full length MV and making of it), Regular Edition, and Special Edition (available only on, includes DVD featuring their final live for Colorful Story’s 39 lives and document).

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Shining Sky [Special Edition only available on] 

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