Doll☆Elements Tell a Toy Story in the MV for Their 8th Single “Dear future”!

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Doll☆Elements Tell a Toy Story in the MV for Their 8th Single “Dear future”!

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Doll☆Elements has unveiled the MV for their 8th single “Dear future” (release date: April 13)!

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The MV for “Dear future” takes place in a softly lit mansion with fabric in the members’ colors draped all around them. As usual, there is a young girl featured in the video who is the owner of the doll versions of the members as well. As they watch over her, Doll☆Elements are able to snap her out of her boredom and bring her happiness. Due to the way that the MV was filmed, screenshots from it were more difficult to get but here are some of them.

“Dear future” will be released in 5 limited editions (1 for each member) and a regular version. One of the coupling songs on the single is titled “Higher” but more details will likely be made public in the months leading up to the release date.

Doll☆Elements will be having a one-man live at EX Theater Roppongi on May 29, 2016 so don’t miss it!

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