ºC-ute reveal the Feelings for their ROCK FES Debut

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ºC-ute reveal the Feelings for their ROCK FES Debut

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Hello!Project idol ºC-ute was determined to appear in ROCK FESTIVAL “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14” presented by rockin’on. The festival will be held every day at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall from December 28 to New Year’s Day. ºC-ute is going to make their rock festival debut on December 30th.

In response to the news, five of ºC-ute members held a roundtable talk.

Chisato Okai : “Because it was determined while we’ve been saying among the members that we want to appear on festival, I’m really happy.”

Mai Hagiwara : “That’s right! I’m glad that we can take part in ROCK though we don’t rock.”

Saki Nakajima : “We have appeared in big idol events several times in the past, but this time I think we really need to break out of our shell.”

Chisato : Because we don’t have any instruments, we must showcase ourselves to rock fans. I don’t know what makes rock fans happy, but I hope they’ll welcome us(sweat).”

Maimi Yajima : “We’d appreciate if some of them favor us, because I think rock fans and ºC-ute like to sing and dance together. I want to face the day with a lot of preparation!”

Chisato : “Perhaps, there may be some people that underestimate songs of idol though, I’d like to change the impression of people like that. I want rock fans to feel that even idols do dance while singing.”

Maimi : “Right, I want them to know idols now.”

Airi Suzuki : “I want rock fans to feel how unique we are, in a good sense.”

Mai : “I know! Although there are various idols now, I want to show something only we can show!”

Airi : “Idols in rock festival, though it’s going to become the first experience for us, I hope it’ll be precious opportunity. Therefore we’d like to perform our best with our heads hold high. We want to find something new through a common point that we love music!!”

written by Yuji Hara

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