7 Coolest and Cutest Cafes in Tokyo: Experience Something Unique!

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7 Coolest and Cutest Cafes in Tokyo: Experience Something Unique!

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Themed restaurants like the Maid Cafés in Akihabara or Kawaii Monster Café in Harajuku are already well known, but do you know about the Penguin Café or Tantei Café which is run by real detectives? Japan’s themed café culture is so deep that there are a lot more to discover! So here is a list of cafés and restaurants that you might not know about yet that come definitely recommended!


Located inside Haneda Airport, as the name suggests, it’s a café where you can enjoy meals as well as the beauty of the endless galaxy shown in the planetarium. Even if you are visiting Haneda Airport just for a transfer, you can still visit it for a short break! It’s a also a bar, so they offer drinks like “Starry Bellini” which was inspired by the Orion Nebula. The cafe is located on the 5th floor of Haneda Airport International Terminal Building!

Official site :

Momi no Ki House Ikebukuro

It may be difficult to find good hot spring spots in Tokyo, but here in Momi no Ki House, you can enjoy foot baths in the middle of the city! They offer ethnic refreshments like herb tea from Sri Lanka. It’s a great place for you to take a break from sightseeing!

Official site :


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You will need to search carefully to find this place! NINJA AKASAKA is a ninja-themed restaurant where you can enjoy being served by ninjas! When you arrive, a ninja will lead to your seat through the dark hallway. They will teach you the secret route to your seat! The meals are very elaborate and delicious because they only offer food that was confirmed by an international review board that convenes every 3 months. You will be satisfied for sure!

Official site :


Have you ever had drinks with penguins? I think this is the only place in the world where you can see cute penguins and have nice drinks and food at the same time. You can see the penguins having dinner at night. If you want to experience something different from others, this is just the right spot for you!

Official site :

Tantei Café (Detective Café)

探偵カフェで死体ごっこ👻 #探偵カフェ #死体ごっこ

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Run by real detectives, it’s a café during lunchtime and a bar at night. During the bar time, you can experience detecting wiretaps and finding fingerprints just like a real detective. As well as the unique experience, you can have unique food such as the meat of crocodiles. The stories told by the detectives are captivating, and you can get a chance to see the report of infidelity investigation (not a real one though). It would be a rare opportunity to meet real detectives!

Official site :


Talking to the ladies of Black Diamond tonight at Gal Cafe 10sion!

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It is read as “tension”. In Japanese English, “high tension” means hyper, so it was named like this probably because the gals at Shibuya tend to be hyper! Do you know what “gyaru” is? It’s one of the Japanese subcultures especially famous in Shibuya. It points to girls who bleach their hair blonde or brown and wear thick make-up. The staff at this café are all Shibuya gyaru who are very friendly and fun to talk to. It’s like a gyaru version of a maid café. Make friends with Shibuya gyaru and have fun!

Official Twitter :

Kyushoku Toban (School Meals Duty)

💯💯💯 そういえばこないだずっと気になってた 『給食当番』行ってきたよ🏫🎒💮✨ 揚げパンとかミルメークとかめちゃくちゃ懐かしかった I had school lunch two weeks ago Almost Japanese elementary school looks like this pics haha But this is it styles a restaurant in Tokyo It has been a while since I last ate that, so it tasted great :)Did your school have that?Before we eat something we say "Itadakimasu🙏" also, when we have finished eating "Gochisousamadeshita🙏" we say. I think in ur case, like "Thank u for the delicious meal"Why do we say? Cuz We have to be thankful for the food😉Right?! #japan#japanesestyle#funny#interesting#restaurant#elementaryschool#schoollunch#followme#follow#nostalgic#instagood#missing#schoollife#tokyo#asakusa#東京#浅草#給食当番#私たちがセレクトしたのはほぼ麺類でした笑#スペシャルメニュー的なやつ選ぶとこの部屋で食べれるよ#給食1500円で食べた#高ない?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a student in a Japanese elementary school? When we have lunch, we take turns and are assigned to serve meals for everyone. We call that “Kyushoku Toban”, so whoever is kyushoku toban will have to put on a white robe, and others will line up to be served. At this café, it is not served that way, but many details of the kyushoku toban culture is reflected. For Japanese, it’s a very nostalgic experience, and for foreigners, it is something different to try!

Official site :

Did you find some cafes you want to try? There are even more than what was listed here, and it seems like every day more and more new cafes are opening. Keep yourself updated to the newest and the coolest cafes in Japan!

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