Paws For a Minute and Take a Peek at the Cat Lingerie Right Meow!

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Paws For a Minute and Take a Peek at the Cat Lingerie Right Meow!

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Recently, a photo of a cute and sexy lingerie with a cat-shaped hole in the breast has been receiving attention on Twitter and Instagram.

This is a “Cat Lingerie” produced by the Chinese brand NONORI, and it is finally on sale in Japan! Order acceptance by has started, and the lingerie costs 7000 yen. Hopefully there will be a lot of girls uploading their selfies in their cat laundry soon!

Not only that there is a cat-shaped hole in the breast, the shorts has a “nekomimi” (cat ears) in the front and a cat palm printed in the back. You can decide the cat lingerie from black and white, that comes with a set of bra, shorts, and a collar with a bell. The deadline for order is by the end of February, and shipping is scheduled to be from March to May.



The official online store of Village Vanguard has started selling the cat laundry from January 28, so take a look at the cute designs! You can find other unique lingerie and clothing in NONORI‘s website as well.

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