Better Watch Out? The Discussion Goes On With The Buzz “Clothes That Would Kill Virgins”

Better Watch Out? The Discussion Goes On With The Buzz “Clothes That Would Kill Virgins”

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The keyword, “Clothes that kill Virgins (Doutei Wo Korosu Fuku 「童貞を殺す服」)” on Twitter is still in the buzz since last week. What does it supposed to mean? The term actually means, “What kind of female outfit would these ‘inexperienced men’ like and fool them?” And especially on Twitter, there has been a big discussion amongst these netizens, “what clothes would be likely  to kill male virgins?” and we better watch out for them.

There has been many assumptions and images going around as the discussion goes on, as well as, attempt to make a set definition of the female outfit that could fool the male virgins.

One of the main assumptions would be that the clothes are frilly one-piece dress with white shirt, which is not revealing on torso, but has short skirt, cut-off higher than the knee. Some of the images include with knee-high socks, that emphasize the “absolute territory (zettai ryouiki),” that typical otaku likes.

Some of these outfits are more like the maid uniforms that we usually see in Maid Cafés in Akihabara or some female café uniforms which emphasizes the femininity.

Some of these outfits also remind as if of a “Lolita fashion,” but more casual, which is not too heavy with the frills and pastel colors, including more slimming line and darker color pallet. Since it’s more casual, more females are able to wear them daily but also look cute as well.

Another main aspect is, not just feminine, but also the atmosphere of “innocence” that you feel from the outfit. Since the outfits’ designed to be not too revealing, but still creates the “off-guard” moment with that white shirt and short skirt for those guys to think, “I might have a chance…” But some tweets that even though there might be a possibility for those girls in “innocent” outfit, they have realized that the design itself is difficult to undress them out of their clothes. (damn!)


Some of these discussions goes out of hand. People just gave up on trying to tell what is a good outfit to “kill” virgins, and went along with the “literal” meaning of that keyterm.

Some people actually made a T-shirt too!

But in the end, many people got to this conclusion, that it’s more about “who” is wearing that clothes and whether it “looks” good or not on her. Many others also say that it’s like the female characters from anime series would wear, that no real females would be able to look cute in that same outfit.

Especially from the female twitter users, many say that they actually are the fans of those brands that are listed as “clothes that would kill virgins,” and they feel blue about how these brands are treated now.

But whatever the clothes are, what counts is whatever that are actually from the “inside.” Which I mean both, literally, and metaphorically.

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