Who’s in Favor of “Burikko”? Investigating their Behavior and Why they do it!

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Who’s in Favor of “Burikko”? Investigating their Behavior and Why they do it!

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A goody two shoes girl, “Burikko” in japanese, is a standard character for a Japanese girl. You would probably imagine the dual personality for having a really bad personality. But its not that simple, Burikko has that special hint of Japanese Kawaii culture. Burikko is more than just a goody two shoes girl.


The Unwavering Character Burikko

Burikko is usually used for a girl and before Burikko became a common word, Kamatoto was used. To put it simply, a Burikko is a girl who pretends to be cute, acting a different character than who she really is. (Or maybe its the true her including the Burikko…?) Usually in most countries you would imagine girls doing something similar to men for sex appeal. But in Japan, Burikko isn’t for sex appeal but just for pure desire of being seen as a cute girl. Here are some common actions Burikko tend to do.

-intentionally talk with a lisp

-speak with a voice that  is higher than actual voice

-uses their name for the first person

-pretends to be stupid

-changes attitudes toward men

-upturned eyes

Now here’s the interesting part! There are girls who are Burikko to only men, and girls who are Burikko to everybody. Most people have the image of Burikko to only men, and it seems more logical if it was just to men. So, here’s my investigation on why even Burikko exist, and why these types have emerged.


After all, Burikko are the most popular with the men!

Girls who don’t like Burikko say that guys who like Burikko are stupid because they are being tricked by such blunt acting and think its cute. However, most men knowingly like Burikko thinking that even their effort to make theirself look cute is cute. Most men feel that women are crazy(like anywhere in the world) and to those confused men, Burikko girls are very “easy to understand” especially when it comes to how they feel about them.  Men can easily think of ways to make the girl happy and since Burikko usually overly react to things, the men can feel pleased too. This is how Burikko end up to be the most popular type of girl.


Why do they become Burikko?

Those who are Burikko to only men simply want to be popular. Although not many girls like Burikko, most men would have the image of a cute girl if she is a Burikko. Any girl wants to be seen beautiful or cute, and Burikko is just a way to be seen that way.

Those who are Burikko to everybody is a bit different. Most of the time these girls aren’t pretending to be cute, they just are. But its just that their actions are too girly or “overdoing ” to be natural, and end up being called Burikko.


How do you feel about this?

Of course as I mentioned, there are people who are against Burikko and for Burikko. Here are some  of their opinions.


People who like Burikko

-Burikko is very girl like and cute, so I personally like it. Those who are criticized for being Burikko are the ones who are normal in front of girls and suddenly change their attitude just in front of men. If they are evenly Burikko to everybody, I have nothing against it.

-I like Burikko but only the ones that are Burikko to everybody. But I think it may be just to those who are actually cute (visual wise)


People who don’t like Burikko

-Some say Burikko is just showing their femininity, but is Burikko the only way to do that? There are many attractive women who aren’t Burikko. So I guess those who aren’t popular just had no other choice but to be popular or something? There are many men who don’t like Burikko too. If they are just pretending to be like this, they should really get an attitude adjustment.

-if they are Burikko, they are pretending to be someone they aren’t. I just don’t like two-faced people



How do you feel about this? Do you like either type? Or do you just not like Burikko at all? Burikko is probably an assortment of the Japanese Kawaii culture. I mean, they’re cute, they’re not harming you, why not?

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