BPM15Q Set to Release Super-Limited CD for Debut Single “BPM15Q!”

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BPM15Q Set to Release Super-Limited CD for Debut Single “BPM15Q!”

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BPM15Q (15Q is read as “ichi-go-kyuu”), the “self-produced New Age DJ vocal unit” of Rinahamu (aka Ichigo Rinahamu, ex-BiS, ex-Akishibu project) and DJ nicamoq (BURUMA CREW), are finally releasing their debut single “BPM15Q!” on October 23, 2015 but, it will be an extremely limited run of 500!

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Since making their debut in June of 2015, BPM15Q have been creating a stir with their guerrilla street lives and busy schedule. They beat out 450 other idols on CHEERZ to make their first international appearance at Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival in Singapore (September 5-6, 2015) and wowed fans with their “yume kawaii” looks and aggressive EDM beats.

Sales of the CD will begin on October 23, 2015 during “Shinpakusuu 15Q” (“heart rate/pulse 159”), a special event hosted by BPM15Q at Shibuya Glad. Entry to the first session (5:30pm) will be “free” (1 drink minimum – 500 yen) except for those purchasing a special tokuten-kai ticket (1,000 yen). The second session (7:30pm) will be 2,500 yen (general) or 1,000 yen (female) to enter and feature performances by Electric Ribbon, Eren, POP, KOTO, and BPM15Q. The special tokuten-kai ticket for that will be 5,000 yen (all require a 1 drink minimum – 500 yen). “BPM15Q!” will also include the tracks “Doki Doki parirarura” and “Sure chigai, Boku to Kimi no TsuShin” and will be sold for 1,590 yen, keeping with their theme of “ichi-go-kyuu” (one-five-nine).

Even though Shibuya Glad can only hold about 200 people, with the single being limited to only 500 copies, the possibility of those in attendance purchasing multiple copies and/or attending both sessions of the event is quite high, especially when Rinahamu and nicamoq will be there on stage and at the tokuten-kai to thank fans personally for their support. Expect to see a lot more of BPM15Q in November as well as they have decided that for that month, they will be open to appearing anywhere as long as they are provided a 159 yen guarantee for their appearance. Inquiries can be made via e-mail at

Shinpakusuu 15Q〜BPM15Q Shusai Teiki LIVE〜
October 23, 2015 (Friday)
Shibuya Glad, Dogenzaka 2-21-7, Shibuya, Tokyo
Open: 5:00pm Start: 5:30pm
Entry: Free (+ 1 drink minimum – 500 yen)
Special Tokuten-kai ticket: 1,000 yen (+ 1 drink minimum – 500 yen)
Open: 7:00pm Start: 7:30pm
Entry: 2,500 yen (general); 1,000 yen (female) (+ 1 drink minimum – 500 yen)
Special Tokuten-kai ticket: 5,000 yen (+ 1 drink minimum – 500 yen)

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