Taking you to the World of The Dreamy Doll House! Japanese Kawaii all in one Blythe Dolls!

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Taking you to the World of The Dreamy Doll House! Japanese Kawaii all in one Blythe Dolls!

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We went to see the spectacular dreamy world of Blythe dolls! As we have a unique doll culture in Japan(previous article:, I thought Blythe had all of the latest “Kawaii” culture all stuffed in one!

What are Blythe dolls?


She was originally born in America, but at the time she wasn’t popular enough and they stopped going on sale. However after years, the representative of CWC Junko Wong found her and started the whole production! So, I guess you can say that Blythe dolls are something that are Japanese original culture. There are 3 types of Blythe dolls, Neo, Petite, and Middie. The most basic is the Neo Blythe doll (in the middle). She is 28.5 cm tall with a large head and slim body. What is most unique about Blythe dolls is that you can change her eye color and the direction of her eyes.


The way she changes her expressions makes her almost the perfect model you can find. She is especially known for her high fashion sense and she always wears clothes that have the latest trends and kawaii all put together in the perfect balance.

To know more about Blythe, we went to Junie Moon, a company store of Blythe dolls.


The show window was all Christmassy!

Here they have everything they are selling for the dolls. They have the cutest dolls ever, everywhere inside the store. Each girl is coordinated from hair to makeup and clothes by the shopgirls.


As I said, they have everything here, from clothes, shoes, wigs, and other goods. They also have menus where you can customize your Blythe dolls from eye color, to make-up(spraying special ink).

They had the cutest goods ever too, and I bought some for my own too!

blythe-junie-moon-22 blythe-junie-moon-26

They also have a special space where they have a display every month. When we went, there was the display “Can’t Wait For My Darling”.


This display was created by Miyuki Odani.

Each girl was sleeping in bed, but for today, they were all awake to show us their cute clothes!

Since these 5 girls are not allowed to be photographed, they also had a special corner where you can take pictures.


They were just outstandingly cute. From clothes, to the whole room, Ms. Odani’s  creations were perfect! Each girl had a theme and personality that she thought of which is shown in their rooms.

I especially like these 3 that were yume-kawaii taste! (previous article:

There are many adult fans of Blythe dolls, and I think it is one of the most delicate kinds of hobbies for adults. Many people like Miyuki Odani create their own Blythe dolls and I think its one of the newest ways to express your own world.

They have an English website with an English online store! They do shipping everywhere, so don’t hesitate! Get yourself your own Blythe doll and enjoy your own kawaii doll!

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Daikanyama Junie Moon shop information
Opening hours : 11am~7pm (Every Mondays closed)
Address : 4-3, 1F, Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033 JAPAN
Tel: 03-3496-0740 (after 12am)

Miyuki Odani’s Profile

Official CWC Original Blythe Artist
After creating the unit “ALFORT” with friends, published “ALFORT Yougashiten”, designed CD jackets and had a series on a magazine.
Had a one-man exhibition in both Japan and New York.
She is now doing her activities solo, using dolls for her art creations like making doll clothing and doll accessories, visual styling using dolls, and doll customizing.
Designed the CWC official Blythe goods series “Fashionista Nelly & Molly”.
Works as a workshop teacher in both Tokyo and Osaka for doll accessories.
2013 March the Neo Blythe collaborating with CWC “Mago Unique Girl” on sale.
2014 Autumn published “LIFE in the DOLLHOUSE~playing with dolls~” from Graphic company.
2015 October the middie Blythe collaborating with CWC “Melanie Ubique Girl” on sale.
Did the project management of the exhibition with the concept of “fun and cute for me and the doll” called “PLAY ROOM”.


© 2016 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro

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