BiS’s Terashima Yufu announced to leave from the group.

BiS’s Terashima Yufu announced to leave from the group.

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Today, it was suddenly, BiS’s official website added a post about Terashima Yufu’s secession like below.

Thank you for your support of BiS always.

From BiS members Terashima Yufu,
There were an offer she want to put an end to her activities as a BiS,

Terashimayufu will be leaving the BiS
at a one-man asia “BiS4” May 26.

For more information,
Terashimayufu herself will report in her blog.

Really sorry for fans who have supported her so far.
Sincerely, we apologize.

Accordingly, Yufu posted an article on her own blog.
The following is part of that.

Since I was worried to continue to work, so I was in poor physical condition.
It’s the reason why I determined to withdraw.

It was up to the conclusion that I can not cause any more inconvenience, so I have no choice but to withdraw BiS.

I’m sorry but I’m even “square” to the end.

Thank you very much until now.


BiS’s former member Wakisaka Yurika has just left recently.
After their major debut, this is the Secession of the second person.


BiS official website

Terashima Yufu’s official blog

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