BiSH Get Thrown Out Like Garbage and Blown Up in the MV for “MONSTERS”!

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BiSH Get Thrown Out Like Garbage and Blown Up in the MV for “MONSTERS”!

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BiSH get terminated with extreme prejudice in the MV for “MONSTERS” from their second album “FAKE METAL JACKET” (release date: January 20)!

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The MV for “MONSTERS”, which was directed by Ken Ninomiya, opens with the members in the back of a dump truck and left for dead in a pile of dirt. Regaining consciousness, they run for their lives as explosions erupt from the ground all around them. There are also scenes of BiSH being berated by an antagonistic drill sergeant (much like the one from “Full Metal Jacket”) are interspersed with those of ballerinas dancing in a dimly lit room. As the abuse escalates, they end up trying to fight their commanding officer and fail, which is probably how they ended up in the dump truck. Just when you think that BiSH will escape to fight another day after finding an abandoned van (which just so happens to have the keys in the sun visor, their drill sergeant ends up getting the last laugh.

If you have ever seen BiSH live, “MONSTERS” is one of the songs that definitely gets their “seisouin” (BiSH name for fans, literally “garbage collector”) riled up in a big way. Don’t be surprised if they end up performing it 3-4 times in a row the next time you see them and don’t let your guard down!

Track List

01 Spark
02 BiSH –Hoshi Ga Matataku Yoru–
04 Primitive
05 beautiful-sa
07 Migatte I Need You
08 Departures
09 Want
10 Saraba kana
12 DEAR…
13 BUDOKAN ka Mamonaku wa TAMANEGI

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