BiSH Takes a Step Toward the Budokan With Major Label Debut From Avex!

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BiSH Takes a Step Toward the Budokan With Major Label Debut From Avex!

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BiSH announced their major label debut with avex trax during their one-man live “IDOL is SHiT” at EBISU LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo on January 19, 2016. Citing the move to a major label, BiSH will be dropping the subtitle “Brand-new Idol SHiT” (Shin-sei Kuso Idol) from their name and be known as BiSH henceforth. Their debut single with avex trax will be released on May 4, 2016!


After closing things out with “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”, BiSH left the stage and producer Junnosuke Watanabe took to the stage to deliver 2 “important announcements” (大事なお知らせ, daiji na oshirase). Here is the extended version of the video which delivered the incredible news to the audience at LIQUIDROOM.

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It seems that Sento Chihiro Chicchi, Sen to Chihiro Chitti, or Sentochihiro Chicchi was not correct as the video has her name as Cent Chihiro Chitti? Romanization is difficult, especially when the members all use katakana for their names.

Because it was the end of the tour, the final results of Hug Me’s “DiET or DiE were announced, with her successfully reaching her goal. However, it was decided that Chihiro would be the next to take on the challenge as she had to take responsibility for casually tweeting about wanting to do it.


In the excitement of the major label debut announcement, Watanabe forgot to mention that the finale for BiSH’s IDOL SWINDLE TOUR would be Shinagawa Stellar Ball on March 27, 2016. Having secured their major label debut in about half the time it took BiS to be signed to avex trax, BiSH is on pace to surpass their predecessors but only time will tell what the next chapter in their history will bring. BiSH’s major label debut single will be released on May 4, 2016 so, don’t miss it!

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March 27, 2016 (Sunday)
Shinagawa Stellar Ball, 4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open: 4:00pm Start: 5:00pm
3,500 yen (+ 1 drink minimum)

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