BiS Celebrates The Day of Telegram with their Honorary Life Member ‘Junko Koshino’

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BiS Celebrates The Day of Telegram with their Honorary Life Member ‘Junko Koshino’

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Though you are an enthusiastic fan of Japanese culture, you may never know what the day today was. Today was not only a blue Tuesday after the national holiday yesterday, but also the memorial day called “the day of telegram.”

To celebrate the great day for such a traditional communication tool, the disturbing idol group “BiS” appeared at “HOT DENPO FESTIVAL 2013” (DENPO = telegram), and showed off the join of the new member Junko Koshino who’s been active as a world famous fashion designer.

The venue was located in a shopping mall directly connected to Futako Tamagawa station where takes only 10 minutes from Shibuya. Futako Tamagawa is the most popular and high-end residential area which land value has been rising over years. Usually the area is known for a high class society like families of expatriates from abroad, spending time in a relaxed manner.
Of course, risky behavior such as moshing or diving was prohibited, front half of the audiences were noticed to see the performance sitting on the ground.

Soon after the event started, BiS’s usual members came up to the stage in the new costume designed by the new member Junko Koshino. And then, they showcased their new song “Koisuru Denpo Japan” which was produced to promote “Denpo” to the world. This song is just the perfect promotional song that tells us how good Denpo is.


BiS performed their beloved killer tunes “primal” and “nerve” in rapid succession.

I thought the fans would be following the rules, keeping calm and continue to stare at the show today because it’s an event for the promotion of Denpo. However, I doubted my ear when the members started “nerve”.

Yes, you know, the fans started to shout together even larger than usual, and the classy shopping mall echoed with the cheerful wota calls.
Audience acted usually (or further?) and enjoyed call & response with the members. Rather than against the behavior regulations of the venue, it was as if enjoying the rules. Some did postures like punching the air with their backs turned toward the stage, or holding out both hands and arching their body backward like a shrimp, while sitting on the ground.



Why is the “wota” so lovely? We, fans, we’re not evaluated today. Today’s stage was just for the promotion of Denpo, and what we only had to do for BiS was to hope success of the event and better press coverage.
Nevertheless, without giving up the full support, fans sent a splash of cheerful voices as if they were going to leave a living proof there. That’s just a proof of the absolute trust between idol and fans.

After performing two songs, they sang “Koisuru Denpo Japan” for the second time today. This time the fans had come to be able to sing the brand new song with members.

Well, the new member “Junko Koshino” finally appeared on the stage. Fans welcomed her with message boards that says “Sekai no Junko No.1 ( Junko is No.1 in the world)”. The great cheer “Junko” call created the best sense of unity in the event. Like there is the member named “Ten Tenko”, some said meaningless cut-in call “Jun Junko!”



At first, Pour Lui, a leader of BiS, explained why Koshino was chosen as the new member, “We had said again and again that we need JK (Joshi Kousei = high school girl) member! So we held the audition and found real “JK” (Junko Koshino) as our new member!”

Junko Koshino talked about why she joined BiS, “I have continued the social contribution activities over the years. To contribute society, the most important thing is “communication.” I think, idols have an unique way to convey their message to lots of people. Nowadays, not only adults, but also young people have to send out a message to the world. I want to make Japan energetic more with powerful and charming BiS!”

Referring to modern communication that everyone uses SNS lively, she added passionately, “Denpo is just a human communication that let us convey own feelings to others hand in hand.” BiS’s member also talked about their glad experience that they have received Denpo from fans when their latest song “D.I.E” got ranked No.6 in Oricon Weekly chart.

Kohino will continue to her activity as the new member of BiS in charge of fashion design from now on. At the end of the event, Koshino was appointed as the first Honorary Life Member of BiS that lots of former members withdrew in the past.

When she left the stage, fans screamed again like “Please don’t go, Junko!” and “Junko is our best!”

img_BiS_Dempo_22 img_BiS_Dempo_23 img_BiS_Dempo_24

After Koshino left the stage, the members returned to the usual formation. When they opened the Denpo clutch bag designed by Koshino named “Artlux”, they found Denpo messages to each members from Koshino. To the special and great hand-in-hand message from the world-famous fashion designer, members moved so much. BiS’s leader Pour Lui concluded the event saying, “Everyone, please spread this Denpo designed by Junko chan to the world!”


I witnessed that an idol group, who can communicate with global fans using their SNS account, held the event to promote “importance of sharing feelings with someone using Denpo.” It was the precious chance to re-consider on the importance to remain feelings to someone using traditional communication tool, not to be satisfied with just-a-moment communication like SNS, in order to get along for a long long time.


BiS will participate in further Koshino’s social contribution activities and charity, perhaps. From now on, I’m looking forward more to BiS’s future activities.

By the way, an innovative telegram “Artlux” produced by the new member Koshino is now available only on a web site. It is able to purchase in campaign price until Tuesday, January 14, 2014.

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 written by Kenji Harada & Yuji Hara

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