BiS slip their clothes OFF in front of you! XD

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BiS slip their clothes OFF in front of you! XD

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BiS revealed that their costume for the single “PPCC“, are sent to Yahoo! Auctions.
The successful bidder of an auction is going to face BiS, and receive the costumes that will be taken off there!

In fact, this is not for the first time for BiS to use Yahoo! Auction. Since the expense for solo live in Ryogoku-Kokugikan, started more than it expected, they sent the right fan get BiS to make a housekeeper for three hours on November, last year. This time, the clothes which they actually wear will be Goods to be sold for the expense of next live.

In addition, the members are going to wear a certain clothes to inside, when it takes place.
It is also said by the staff, a photograph may be shoot and there will be the staff’s companion.

auction (now being held) links



written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

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