BiS Kaidan Unveils The Worst Video featuring their Last Gig

BiS Kaidan Unveils The Worst Video featuring their Last Gig

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Alternative idol group BiS‘s another unit BiS Kaidan has released the footage from their last live event.
BiS Kaidan (BiS階段) was a Japanese noise band formed in 2012 as a collaboration between the female idol group BiS (a name which stands for “Brand-new idol Society”) and the noise band Hijokaidan.
First of all, take a look at the footage below.


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There are mountains of insane performances in this world that can described by adjectives such as “seriously crazy!” and “unprecedented!”
However, in regards to this video, it far surpasses the senses of the ordinary person, and there is only one word to describe it: “awful”.


For the record, there is a high possibility that things that should not be allowed, whether for religious reasons or from a cultural standpoint, will appear in this video. These images were captured with the intent of being viewed only within Japan, so I hope for those overseas to understand this up-front.


Now, although this kind of “awful” video has been presented to the public, I certainly do not want you to imagine that Japan is facing an unprecedented state of chaos.
Rather, I think that for present-day Japan, where peace prevails, the expression of a “chaotic state” is connected to a type of nostalgic artistry.


Just as popular music of the past is today referred to as “classical music”, until several decades ago, there was definitely a feeling of “chaos” that prevailed throughout Japanese society. If, during that kind of era of mass chaos, someone expressed themselves in a way similar to this video, it could be said to be a method of expression that is rightly popular and consistent with the times.


However, in present-day Japan, this kind of overly chaotic expression is clearly out of line with the daily experience. First of all, it will probably not be able to gain widespread acceptance.
So who are these people in the audience, appearing in this video?
For what purpose have they gathered there?


I think that this perhaps is an emergence of a new type of intellectual.
By intellect, I am not referring to studies.
I am referring to people who, when faced with something that is different from the mundane aspects of ordinary life, are able to sense unique value, and can view themselves within that artistry from an outside perspective.


“Chaos” as a type of classical art, is creating a brand new genre.
And the truth is that the person standing on that stage is an “idol”.


People tend to think that the standard “idol” has become someone who sings and dances with a smile on their face, but ultimately, an idol is “a professional who attracts the hearts of people”.


The idol of Japan is in a vector separate from the shared values of the masses, and conceals the daunting power of destroying stereotypes.


written by Kenji Harada

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