Berryz Kobo’s Last Single is a “Song of Eternity”!

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Berryz Kobo’s Last Single is a “Song of Eternity”!

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As next spring and the “indefinite hiatus” of veteran idol group Berryz Kobo approaches, it has been revealed that one of the songs on their last single is about eternity.

Berryz Kobo’s 36th single “Romance wo Kattate/Towa no Uta” (translated: “Talk about Romance/Song of Eternity”), scheduled to be released on November 12th, will come in 6 different versions. When asked to describe the songs, producer Tsunku ♂ promised that “Romance wo Katatte” would make you see stars when listening to its cute and romantic sounds. He added that “Towa no Uta” was written long before the mention of a hiatus had been brought up and expresses his heartfelt respect for the members of Berryz Kobo and their 10-year history as a group.

Berryz Kobo will unveil the two new songs during their fall tour “Berryz Kobo Debut 10 Shuunen Kinen Concert Tour 2014 Aki ~Professional~”.

Limited Edition Type A (CD & DVD)

Limited Edition Type B (CD & DVD)

Limited Edition Type C (CD & DVD)

Limited Edition Type D (CD & DVD)

Regular Edition Type A

Regular Edition Type B


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