Preview of Berryz Kobo 10th Anniversary Theater Girls Drama Club “GI Samurai The Musical”

Preview of Berryz Kobo 10th Anniversary Theater Girls Drama Club “GI Samurai The Musical”

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Berryz Kobo performed “Girls Drama Club ~ GI Samurai The Musical ~” for the first time in Shinjuku Zenrousai Hall Space Zero in Tokyo on May 12.

Although it was set to start from May 11, the opening day became May 12 due to Yurina Kumai‘s influenza treatment. Yurina, who plays major role in the musical, vigorously brought herself in the final rehearsal, and had the premiere without any trouble.

Speaking of “GI Samurai”, some would imagine the movie of 1979, starring Japanese Action legend Shinichi Chiba. For those people, it’d be hard to accept the musical this time, because the whole cast of the musical is a female.


However, the Berryz Kobo version of “GI Samurai the musical” reminds us GI Samurai is a masterpiece which takes on any colors, and doesn’t lose its philosophy by gender of performers.

Three years ago, Berryz Kobo and ºC-ute starred in the same title as Women Self-Defense Forces.
It has changed this time, to that Berryz Kobo is cast as male Self Defence Officials.
That’s exactlly what the girls drama club is.

The best part of the musical is of course, song and dance only an idol group could.
Needless to say, the performance of Berryz Kobo is more than satisfactory.
Moreover, what impress even great fan of them is their acting.
In particular, Risako Sugaya, who plays the role of Iba, a chief of the squad, does remarkable work.


Japan Self-Defense Forces is designed only for the defense of the country, not for intervention in a civil war in the Sengoku Jidai (the Age of Civil Wars). Guns JSDF carry for peace shouldn’t be pointed to people, especially their ancestors. She expresses Iba’s subtleties of feeling very well and it’s worth seeing.

Person who captivates audience in a sword fight scene, is Yurina Kumai. She exhibits a brilliant swordfight only Kagetora Nagao could, an expert warrior of a sword.
Miyabi Natsuyaki, who usually attracts fans with her beauty, is also known as a pretty fashionista, plays wild. You can see her beyond the limit of boyish, but, hardiness a real man has.

Maasa Sudo brings a laugh in the serious story. She plays a role of providing inspiration and guidance to the scenes. Such important role is what only she can do, who has been acting many important roles in the plays they had, who is regularly pay heartfelt attention to the members.

Chinami Tokunaga, plays a wonderful person as she is. It’s too bad not to be able to write the details, because she plays the key character involved in the story. But as she showed in the play “Sugar Spot” in 2012, she is born to make a role closer to her.

And the role Berryz’ Captain Saki Shimizu plays, can’t be spoken without tears. This also can be a story spoiler so I can’t write the details. Anyway, her dramatic monologue and something, are “must-see”.

The producer Tamon Andrew Niwa opens his head as follows.
“Berryz Kobo is an idol group who features a dance and singing. In order to maximize the strong point, the series of Girls Drama Club was born.”

Speaking of female performance group, he revealed that he searched all over the differencce between Berryz Kobo and Takarazuka Revue Company with a history of 100 years.
He thought through difference in idol and musical actress, difference in upbringing, difference in sytems, etc.
He reached to his conclusion that song and dance are the essential for the females who is much younger than Takarazuka’s one, to run a show.
He offered a former Takarazuka actress, Mai Gojo, and the Japanese first ever female action group “G-Rockets”.
“”GI Samurai The Musical” has been the only show that a lot of female pro and female pro groups show off their professional works. Please come to see it.”

In closing, did you ever wonder what about Mokoko Tsugunaga aka Momochi is?
There is a scene that Berryz Kobo shows off the new song “Ai wa itsumo Kimi no naka ni” in the musical, Berryz Kobo bring it with Momoko in the performance on May 13 and 14. This is something you can’t miss as well.

Berryz Kobo 10th Anniversary Theater Girls Drama Club “GI Samurai The Musical”

May 12 (MON) START 19:00 (JST)
May 13 (TUE) START 19:00
May 14 (WED) START 19:00
May 15 (THU) START 19:00
May 16 (FRI) START 19:00
May 17 (SAT) 1. START 11:30 / 2.  START 15:00 / 3. START 18:30
May 18 (SUN) 1. START 11:30 (SOLD OUT) / 2. START 15:00 (SOLD OUT) / 3. START 18:30
Shinjuku Zenrousai Hall Space Zero, Tokyo
Ryo Hanmura

Shinjuku Zenrousai Hall Space Zero, Tokyo

Ryo Hanmura

Junya Kato

Michiko Oiwa

Saki Shimizu (Berryz Kobo) / Chinami Tokunaga (Berryz Kobo) / Maasa Sudo (Berryz Kobo) /
Miyabi Natsuyaki (Berryz Kobo) / Yurina Kumai (Berryz Kobo), Risako Sugaya (Berryz Kobo)
Haruna Murakami / Mai Gojo / Maya Murofushi / Tomomi Hanzawa / Sachiko Sumida / Atsumi Matsubayashi / Yoshimi Hidano

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

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