First Class Performance! Band PASSPO☆ Utatte Odotte Kanaderu Tour Finale Live Report

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First Class Performance! Band PASSPO☆ Utatte Odotte Kanaderu Tour Finale Live Report

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PASSPO☆ closed out the final day of their Utatte Odotte Kanaderu Tour, the group’s first national tour to include their growing skills as Band PASSPO☆ as they arrived at Shibuya duo Music Exchange on April 1, 2017.

The venue was exceptionally warm for the first day of April as it was a flight (live performance) that was fully booked, the passengers (fans) raising their voices right away as Band PASSPO☆ took the stage, Anna Tamai (aka Anya) twirling around before taking her place behind her drum set, Mio Masui (aka Miomio) adjusting her bass, Yukimi Fujimoto (aka Yukkii) and Naomi Anzai (aka Naomin) strapping on their guitars followed closely behind by Ai Negishi (aka Aipon), Natsumi Iwamura (aka Nachu), and Shiori Mori (aka Morishi). Ignited by a shout from Morishi, the band took off at a sharp angle with “BABY JUMP ~ Tengoku he no Toujou-bin~”, propelled forward and upward by Anya’s thundering beats and Naomin’s racing guitar leads during “BREAK OUT!!”. Nachu struck the opening notes for “Gimme Gimme action” on a xylophone, her melodies intertwining with Aipon’s keyboard parts as PASSPO☆ rode their way through the Christmassy tune, Morishi pumping her fist to Anya’s jingling cymbal splashes.

Greeting the passengers, PASSPO☆ announced that the afternoon flight was sold out, causing Miomio to jump around with excitement as the crew introduced themselves. Morishi took a drink from her 2L water bottle as Nachu danced around on one of the risers and taught any first time passengers the choreography for the next song as Anya kept time on her bass drum. It was well worth the effort as the movements of passengers and idols in the 2nd floor “idol area” were in sync with Morishi and Nachu as the band marched through “Love Refrain” at a steady pace. Aipon grabbed her keytar and moved to the front of the stage alongside Naomin as PASSPO☆ continued on with “Love Diary”, jumping up on the riser as they accelerated through “Mr. Wednesday”.

Taking another break, Yukkii shared her misfortune at recently booking a Hawaii vacation with Tell Me Club, a well-known travel agency that had just announced bankruptcy, leaving her without her accommodations or even a refund, causing her to plead with the passengers to help her out by purchasing a lot of her goods or tell her how she could resolve her dilemma. Anya was singled out for eating snacks which she had stashed among her drum set before PASSPO☆ returned to the music with “Perfect Sky”, the first song they had ever performed as a band.

Yukkii stepped up onto the riser, strumming away at her guitar as Band PASSPO☆ rounded the bases with her beloved “No.1 Boy”, Morishi and Nachu hitting imaginary home runs to close out the song. Keeping with the arena-like mood, the anthemic “Itazura Rock’n’Roll” got fists pumping and voices shouting out, Nachu calling out to those in the back of the venue to join in as well. Riding the momentum as they transitioned into “Candy Room”, Aipon again moved to the front of the stage with her keytar, the passengers responding with a flurry of white penlights and kechas as she took her vocal solo.

Miomio started a call and response to start off “Pock Star”, Anya smashing away at her drums as the minutes until landing kept ticking away. Naomin jumped up on one of the risers as she deftly picked out the intro for “WANTED!!”, her fingers flying around the fretboard. An extended call and response followed as male and female passengers raised their voices in waves. Descending towards the runway, Band PASSPO☆ came in for a landing with “Shojo Hikou”, the passengers singing along as the flight arrived in the terminal.

After a few minutes of a “PASSPO☆” encore call, the band returned to the stage under the cover of darkness, launching right into “Material Girl”, the passengers surging forward once again and the temperature rising. Yukkii and Naomin took aim while holding their guitars like rifles and “sniping” passengers who pretended to die. Ever the mischievous one, Anya took it upon herself to pick up one of the video cameras at the front of the stage. Aipon reminded the passengers that it was the last day to buy any goods from the tour since it was the finale. While making announcements of future events, Yukkii mixed up the dates, earning her a kick from Morishi and being “shot” by Nachu.

The passengers roared like jet engines firing as Band PASSPO☆ brought the afternoon flight to an end with “Let it go!!”, uniting with the band as they sprinted through their debut song, Miomio running to center stage and Naomin ripping into the guitar solo.

Naomin, Yukkii, and Miomio threw their picks into the crowd and Anya jokingly gave away Nachu’s tambourine to a passenger in the front of the stage. Following the flight, PASSPO☆ announced that they had formed an Idol Longevity Committee, which would be responsible for extending the careers of older idols and exciting the idol industry in general. Further details are planned to be announced at a later date.


Photos by Kenji Harada

Set List

01 BABY JUMP ~ Tengoku he no Toujou-bin~
03 Gimme Gimme action
04 Love Refrain
05 Love Diary
06 Mr. Wednesday
07 Perfect Sky
08 No.1 Boy
09 Itazura Rock’n’Roll
10 Candy Room
11 Pock☆Star
13 Shojo Hikou

E1 Material Girl
E2 Let it go!!

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