No Chocolate on Valentine’s Day? BAND-MAID® Serve up Face-Melting MV for “alone”!

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No Chocolate on Valentine’s Day? BAND-MAID® Serve up Face-Melting MV for “alone”!

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Just as BAND-MAID® finished up their New Beginning Tour 2016 at Shimokitazawa LIVEHOLIC in Tokyo on February 14, 2016, they had a Valentine’s Day present for their fans that would not be soon forgotten, the MV for their newest song “alone”.

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Having emphasized elements of Japanese culture in their previous MVs for “Real Existence” and “Don’t let me down”, the MV for “alone” brings BAND-MAID® back into the studio and lets their performance do all the talking, figuratively speaking. Drummer and leader Akane has recovered from her hiatus, blasting out powerful beats, complimenting bassist Misa’s thundering whiskey-soaked bass lines with Saiki and Miku’s vocals weaving their way through the dense instrumentation. Lead guitarist Kanami cuts loose with a fierce solo, capping off what might be BAND-MAID®’s most powerful song to date. BAND-MAID® will be making their US debut at Sakura-Con 2016 in Seattle、Washington from March 25-27 so don’t be “alone” as the only person regretting that they hadn’t gone!

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