Babyraids Take Over Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall ; Announce Next Challenges

Babyraids Take Over Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall ; Announce Next Challenges

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After a week of fending off criticism from netizens, the skies cleared for Babyraids’ solo live at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall on July 13, 2014. It was a red-hot performance which will likely become a treasured memory for the around 2,200 “Toranomon Guardians” (Babyraids’ term for fans; commonly abbreviated as “Tora Gaa”) in attendance. The entrance was adorned with congratulatory flower arrangements, including one from SKE48’s Rena Matsui. The air was thick with anticipation for what was about to happen this evening. Preceded by the sounds of legendary enka singer Saburo Kitajima’s “Matsuri”, Babyraids delivered an experience with all the energy of a Japanese summer festival.

Wearing the outfits from their first album “Jiko Shokai”, Babyraids kicked things off with their 6th single “Koi wa Panic”, followed by “Rock on Darling”, and “Koyomi no ue dewa December” (their hit from the NHK morning drama “Ama-chan”). Aside from a short interval of slower songs, including the first public performance of “Namida no Namae”, Babyraids kept the hammer down as they dove headfirst into a non-stop medley which included “Again and Again”, “S.O.K.”, “Atarashii Sekai”, “Michishirube”, and “Baby Raids” as the clouds dispersed and the sun began to set. Taking full advantage of the walkway and platform which extended halfway into the seating area, Babyraids glistened with sweat as they whipped the crowd into the towel-waving frenzy of “Natsuiro Party”. During “Charinko Idol” Nao Takami zipped around the other members on a brightly-decorated bicycle, followed by youngest member of the group Rio Watanabe on a tricycle. The concert came to a close with their 7th single “Bucchake Rock ’n Hacchake Roll”, which was punctuated at the end with fireworks.

The encore began with their 3rd single “JUMP”, the members stepping out from behind 5 panels in the middle of the stage, which when turned around, made up a painting featuring 5 tigers. Following the second song of the encore “Supernova”, the sound of a gong rang out as the panels were flipped around to reveal surprise announcements. The first announcement was in regards to Babyraids’ summer tour, which would include stops in Hiroshima, Ehime, Osaka, Miyagi, Sapporo, Aichi, and Ishikawa. The second announcement was that Babyraids would be having a 2-day concert in Tokyo (September 19-20). The final announcement was in three parts; Babyraids would collect the signatures of 10,000 fans, and if they succeeded to get them by September 20th, they would have a concert at the Nippon Budokan on December 18th. However, if they failed to obtain the 10,000 signatures, the reservation would be canceled, and they would disband at the end of the year. After ending the encore with “TIGER SOUL”, Babyraids came back on stage for a second encore, performing “Baby Raids”.

Babyraids rose to the occasion and filled Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall, but now the new challenge of a summer tour and rallying support for their bid to perform at Budokan has just begun. In the weeks leading up to their 2nd year anniversary 2-day concert in September it is likely that Babyraids will continue to invade the events of other idols in order to secure those 10,000 signatures, so if you happen to be somewhere in Japan, keep an eye out for them this summer!

Babyraids Tour 2014 “Tora-beringu – THE TRIAL TO BUDOKAN-”
Namiki Junction (Hiroshima) August 14, 2014 (Thursday)
Matsuyama Salon Kitty (Ehime) August 15, 2014 (Friday)
DRUM LOGOS (Fukuoka) August 18, 2014 (Monday)
Umeda AKASO (Osaka) August 19, 2014 (Tuesday)
Sendai CLUBJUNKBOX (Miyagi) August 26, 2014 (Tuesday)
Sapporo CUBEGARDEN (Sapporo) August 27, 2014 (Wednesday)
Nagoya E.L.L. (Aichi) August 29, 2014 (Friday)
Kanazawa AZ (Ishikawa) August 30, 2014 (Saturday)

“Tora-beringu – THE TRIAL TO BUDOKAN-“ Final~Debut 2-year Anniversary Live~
Tokyo Cinema Club (Tokyo) September 19, 2014 (Saturday), September 20, 2014 (Sunday)
Price: 3900 yen (tax included) + drink charge
Details: Purchases limited to 4 tickets per person
On Sale: Fan club members – July 16, 2014 6:00pm; General sales begin August 5, 2014

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